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Are you curious about what is going on throughout the regions among IEEE Young Professionals? Want to know the latest news about Young Professionals events and activities? Are you looking for guidance or information on career development?

The GOLDRush Newsletter, published quarterly and sponsored by IEEE Young Professionals, is your source for information for young professionals.


Archived editions of GOLDRush

The September/December2012 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 2.3 MB) is now available.

The June 2012 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 2 MB) is now available.

The March 2012 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 2 MB) is now available.

The December 2011 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 2 MB) is now available.

The September 2011 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 2 MB) is now available.

The June 2011 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 2.1 MB) is now available.

The March 2011 GOLDRUSH Newsletter (PDF, 1.6 MB) is now available.


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About GOLDRush newsletter

Each GOLDRush issue contains GOLD news from around the world, GOLD notices, Member Profiles, and special messages from GOLD committee members. Also featured in GOLDRush are invited articles and peer-reviewed contributions on subjects ranging from humanitarian efforts to career development to cultural experiences as volunteers work across the globe to continue and promote IEEE activities.      

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GOLDRush Editorial Team

Editor-in-Chief: Stuart Bottom

Past Editor-in-Chief:  Timothy Wong

Editorial Assistants: Kheng Swee Goh, Kristi Hummel, Lisa Lazareck, Jason O’Conal, Joanna Oommen, Sabarni Palit, Michael Pearse, Rajnish Sharma, Agusti Solanas, Kenny Wong, Aisha Yousuf

Graphic Designer: Kenny Wong

Interested in joining the GOLDRush team? Send a request to to receive information about becoming a GOLDRush Editorial Assistant. This could a great chance to gain some very valuable experience.

GOLDRush Newsletter accepts article and photo contributions for each issue. Contact for submittal deadlines. Please refer to full submission guidelines for GOLDRush contributions. All articles are reviewed by the GOLDRush editorial staff to ensure adherence to submittal guidelines and inclusion is subject to approval. 


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General guidelines for submission

Authors should review the following information regarding submission guidelines. 

  • By submitting your article, you agree to allow IEEE GOLD to post the article with your name and biographical information. Authors agree for us to make use of this article with free access with proper acknowledgment of authorship and source.
  • Articles should include title, the author's name, title, IEEE affiliation, if any, and email address.
  • You may add web links in your article, but if it is an incorrect address or SPAM, it will be declined by the GOLDRush editor.
  • Each submission will be reviewed by the GOLDRush Editor who may correct spelling and grammar and edit for length.
  • Fonts and formatting are not required as it will be formatted by the editor.
  • Submission of pictures for inclusion in the newsletter should include a detailed caption of the event and/or individuals.
  • The article will be published in English.
  • There is no guarantee that by submitting your article it will be used in an upcoming IEEE GOLDRush newsletter issue.


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IEEE Mentoring Program

IEEE Mentoring Program is a member benefit for professional and Graduate Student members of IEEE. 

Previous GOLDRush Editions