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The Young Professional Committee is made up of IEEE members appointed for one year. Three members and the chair are appointed by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board and three members are appointed by the Technical Activities Board (TAB) Vice President.


2014 Young Professional Committee

The 2013 Young Professional Committee is comprised of the following:

Timothy Wong 2013 Young Professional Chair
Eva Lang Past Chair
Prijoe P. Kommattu MGA Rep 1-6
Mario Milicevic MGA Rep 7-10
J. Derald Morgan MGA Rep
Timothy Worboys TAB Rep
Jozef Modelski TAB Rep
Ethan Lin TAB Rep
Robert Vice Region 1 Coordinator
Richard Ravenell Region 2 Coordinator
Forrest Suter Region 3 Coordinator
Diana Carolina Vasquez Region 4 Coordinator
Jennifer Kramer Region 5 Coordinator
Pei-Jung Tsai Region 6 Coordinator
Danoush Hosseinzadeh Region 7 Coordinator
Rafal Sliz Region 8 Coordinator
Celso Crivelaro Region 9 Coordinator
Rayees Amar Nishad Region 10 Coordinator
Cecelia Jankowski MGA Secretary
Ralph Ford VP-MGA / MGA Board Chair
Ron Jensen MGA VC-MD



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Young Professional Committee liaisons to other IEEE entities

Members of the Young Professional Committee who are representatives or liaisons from/to other IEEE entities, committees, or organizational units include:

Gigi Kitying Lau Young Professional Rep to IEEE-USA
TBA Young Professional Rep to IEEE EAB
Stuart Bottom Young Professional Rep to IEEE PSPB
Mario Milicevic Young Professional Rep to IEEE SAC
Ravi Todi Young Professional Rep to EDS
Stuart Bottom GOLDRush Editor in Chief
Caroline Chan Young Professional Rep to IEEE EMC

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IEEE MentorCentre

IEEE MentorCentre is a member benefit for professional and Graduate Student members of IEEE.