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Browse the Region files linked below to view the Young Professional Affinity Groups around the world. Find your local Young Professional Affinity Group and get involved in local IEEE activity. 

006699 color chipWestern US (Region 6)
(PDF, 10 KB)
006699 color chipEastern US (Region 2)
(PDF, 10 KB)
FFCC33 color chipCanada (Region 7)
(PDF, 12 KB)
006699 color chipSouthern US (Region 3)
(PDF, 11 KB)
E37222 color chipAfrica, Europe, Middle East (Region 8)
(PDF, 12 KB)
006699 color chipCentral US (Region 4)
(PDF, 11 KB)
008542 color chipLatin America (Region 9)
(PDF, 16 KB)

006699 color chipSouthwestern US (Region 5)
(PDF, 11 KB)
6B1F73 color chipAsia and Pacific (Region 10)
(PDF, 15 KB)


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