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IEEE volunteers work at local, regional, and global levels of IEEE. Affinity groups can be found in more than 150 IEEE Sections around the world. Volunteers also work in IEEE Societies. Tools and resources have been developed to support these leaders and coordinate their efforts around the world.


STEP Program

Funding is available for STEP activities, including the graduation reception for groups holding an event with a minimum of ten recent graduates. Basic funding will be provided at the amount of US$500, and additional funding may be available if additional recent graduates attend beyond 25.

Applicants are required to submit an application four weeks prior to their scheduled event. In addition, funding will not be granted to an event that has already occurred.

Once the application is submitted, the review process begins with an IEEE volunteer member evaluating the form. All STEP events that go on to be approved and funded by the STEP program budget must provide the following information two weeks following the event:

  • Detailed write-up of STEP event
  • Attendance report, minimum ten graduating IEEE members with numbers
  • Photos
  • Final summary of budget (actual vs. forecast)
  • Copy of all advertisements used to promote the event (e-mails, invitations, posters, fliers)

Funding is available to support Young Professional Affinity Groups in organizing STEP Events with more than ten recent graduates in attendance. 

Please be sure to take pictures of your event so that others can celebrate with you.


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Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award is given to three outstanding affinity groups annually. The Hall of Fame Judging Committee is pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Hall of Fame award, presented yearly to the top three affinity groups worldwide.

The Hall of Fame Award is sponsored by Marsh.

The recipients of the 2014 IEEE Young Professionals Hall of Fame Award are from the following sections:

  • Santa Clara Valley Section (Region 6)
  • Croatia Section (Region 8)

Past winners of the IEEE Young Professionals Hall of Fame Award:

2013 Winners

  • Tunisia Section (Region 8)
  • Nicaragua Section (Region 9)
  • Toronto Section (Region 7)

2012 Winners

  • Egypt Section (Region 8)
  • Kerala Section (Region 10)
  • New Zealand North Section (Region 9) 


2011 Winners

  • Malaysia Section (Region 10)
  • Lahore Section (Region 10)
  • Finland Section (Region 8)



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Volunteer training

The Leadership and Reference Manual helps guide Young Professionals Affinity Group Chairs, Regional Young Professional Coordinators, and Young Professional Society Coordinators in their volunteer efforts. This manual details job activities, roles, and responsibilities with supporting tools and resources for IEEE Young Professionals volunteers.


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IEEE MentorCentre

IEEE Mentoring Program is a member benefit for professional and Graduate Student members of IEEE.