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IEEE-USA's Free eBook Guides Members on Shaping a Career Path in Electrical, Computer Engineering
Shaping an Engineering Career 4
In the fourth book of IEEE-USA's Shaping an Engineering Career eBook series, author Dr. Joseph R. Bumblis, an IEEE Senior member and retired associate professor of computer engineering, guides members on developing career paths in electrical and computer engineering.

He identifies nine suggested career principals, annotating each of them with some anecdotal data and his own personal experiences, to help readers steer development of their own careers. The author recommends you "begin where you are right now."

Bumblis adds his own personal tenth principle to the volume - have fun! "Change is inevitable," he writes, "so be sure to have some fun along the way."

IEEE members can get a free download of Bumblis' Shaping an Engineering Career - Book 4: Electrical and Computer Engineering-A Path to a Rewarding Career.

Log in with your IEEE Account, add the book to your cart, and use promo code DECFREE16 at checkout.

IEEE Mentoring Program
Are you an experienced professional in the field of engineering looking to share your knowledge and experience? Are you in need of advice, seeking guidance on starting your career, planning a career change, or building technical skills? The IEEE Mentoring Program (formerly IEEE MentorCentre) is a partnering experience matching mentors and mentees.

Getting Started
The program is available to all IEEE members and Society Affiliates. Both mentors and mentees can participate in the program by visiting IEEE Collabratec™. Mentors should select "Opportunities" from the menu and opt in from the "Settings" tab. Mentees can find a mentor by selecting "People" from the menu, and use the available filters to narrow your search.

Fostering a Productive Relationship
Once a mentorship match is made, the pair should set goals for the relationship. The partners are encouraged to work together on a plan to accomplish these goals and develop a timeline for them. It is also important for the pair to agree up front on the amount of time and commitment each person should expect from each other. More tips for a successful mentoring partnership can be found in the Getting Started Guide.

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Thank you to the charter sponsors of IEEE Collabratec.

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Helpful Benefit Available for IEEE Members
Get Insured
IEEE members have access to a health insurance benefit: Mercer Marketplace* powered by GetInsured.

GetInsured provides an easy, convenient and hassle-free way of shopping and comparing health care plans! Plus, it can help you make sure your coverage is ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant and/or if you're eligible for tax credits.

If you don't have coverage in place and are looking to compare plans for you and your family this year or simply would like more information, check out GetInsured.

Open enrollment will end on 31 January 2017.

* Provided by Mercer Health & Benefits LLC

These individual health insurance plans are not sponsored by IEEE or Mercer Marketplace. Mercer is not engaged in the practice of law and recommends that for legal or tax advice you secure the advice of competent legal or tax counsel. 75844H (8/16) Copyright 2016 Mercer LLC. All rights reserved.
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Save on Shipping with UPS
Through the UPS® Savings Program available in the US, you can save up to 35%* when you ship with UPS, plus 50%* off select services for up to four weeks after you enroll!* And, whether you're shipping air or ground, you'll get same day pickup with one driver for all of your shipments.

Save on a broad portfolio of shipping services:
  • Up to 35%* on UPS Air letters
  • Up to 31%* on UPS Air packages (1 lb.+)
  • Up to 33%* on UPS International imports and exports
  • Up to 21%* on UPS® Ground shipments
  • Savings begin at 75%* on UPS Freight® shipments over 150 lbs.
  • 50%* on UPS Next Day Air®, UPS Next Day Saver®, UPS Worldwide Express® export, UPS Worldwide Saver® export, and UPS Worldwide Expedited® export shipments for up to four weeks after you enroll.*
You can receive these discounts even if you already have a UPS account. Remember, the more you ship the more you can save.

To enroll and start saving, visit

Make the most out of your IEEE Membership with this valuable member benefit!

*Visit for specific services and discounts. Introductory Program discounts will be applied to accounts for weeks 1 through 4 on the UPS Savings Program. Week 1 includes the date that discounts are applied. Weeks are calculated Sunday through Saturday.
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Dell Discount
Enjoy great savings on your purchase of a Dell computer, for your home/office:
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Special Member Pricing on Proceedings of the IEEE
Since it first appeared as Proceedings of the IRE in 1913, Proceedings of the IEEE has been the leading journal to provide an in-depth tutorial and review coverage of the technical developments that shape the world. This journal continues to offer review and survey articles of broad significance and long-range interest in all areas of electrical, electronics, and computer engineering.

IEEE members can subscribe to Proceedings of the IEEE for as low as USD $41.
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IEEE Members in the News
  IEEE's Public Visibility Initiative continues its efforts to increase worldwide recognition of the IEEE brand and its members. This initiative is intended to foster awareness of members' ongoing contributions to society for the benefit of humanity, and to elevate these IEEE members to their peers and the general public. To view additional member media coverage visit IEEE in the News.  
William Webb
William Webb
5 November 2016
Alarm grows as smart home technology and hacking risks proliferate
IEEE Fellow William Webb shared insights on the security vulnerabilities of consumer electronics, IoT devices, and factors that may lead to DDoS attacks.
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George Thiruvathukal
George Thiruvathukal
  Robotics Tomorrow
3 November 2016
Robotics 101 at Loyola University
IEEE member George Thiruvathukal shares his background on robotics and the work he's doing at Loyola University to advocate for advanced robotics in schools.
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Apple® Watch Winners Announced
  Congratulations to the lucky winners in the 2017 early renewal drawing! These five members will receive an Apple® Watch:  
Name Section Region
John G Doyle United Kingdom and Ireland Section Europe, Middle East, Africa - Region 8
David B Kynor New Hampshire Section Northeastern U.S.A. - Region 1
Dermot S Macsweeney United Kingdom and Ireland Section Europe, Middle East, Africa - Region 8
Graham Bryce United Kingdom and Ireland Section Europe, Middle East, Africa - Region 8
Benjamin Fonooni Toronto Section Canada - Region 7
Call for Nominations: IEEE Awards
The IEEE Awards Board administers the highest medals, awards, and recognitions presented by IEEE on behalf of the IEEE Board of Directors. All IEEE members are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields.

Nominations for these awards are due 15 January
IEEE Technical Field Awards (TFAs) - awarded for contributions or leadership in a specific IEEE field of interest
IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award - recognizes sustained contributions by a present or past full-time staff member of IEEE with at least ten years of service

Nominations for IEEE Medals and IEEE Recognitions are due 15 June
IEEE Medals are the highest recognition within the IEEE awards hierarchy, with the prestigious IEEE Medal of Honor as the premier award. They embrace broad and significant contributions within the technical fields of interest of IEEE. IEEE Recognitions reward member's individual contributions to IEEE and corporate advancements within the IEEE fields of interest. Recipients of IEEE Medals and Recognitions are recognized at the annual IEEE Honors Ceremony.

Since 1917, the IEEE Awards Program has paid tribute to technical professionals whose exceptional achievements and outstanding contributions have made a lasting impact on technology, society, the engineering profession, and humanity. By this means, the image and prestige of the organization, its members, and the profession are all enhanced.
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Give the Gift of IEEE Membership
Gift of Membership
Want to help someone in your life find their professional home in IEEE?

Start their 2017 by giving them the gift of IEEE Membership: a gift that will impact their professinal and social life for years to come. Membership in IEEE delivers access to the industry's technical information, offers career development tools and provides access to IEEE's discount programs.

Don't wait, get someone started today!
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IEEE Foundation
IEEE Foundation
IEEE members around the world, like you, are imagining, innovating and solving problems. Thanks to your involvement, IEEE is uniquely capable of addressing the technical and scientific challenges of today and tomorrow.

As you renew your IEEE Membership, consider supporting the IEEE Foundation with a charitable contribution. Making a contribution as you renew is the most efficient way to invest in yourself and the future of your profession.
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The Impact of Your Support
IEEE Foundation Focus
The IEEE Foundation Focus Newsletter reports on the IEEE programs supported through the IEEE Foundation and the individuals and organizations whose volunteerism and charitable gifts make the programs possible.
Available now
5G, Systems Engineering, Cybersecurity, Big Data, IOT - On Demand Courses Now Available
Smart Cities
Get valuable insights and case study findings from the leading technology thought leaders featured at IEEE's Smart Tech Event in Crystal City, Virginia USA.

About IEEE Smart Tech
The IEEE Smart Tech Metro Area Workshop Series offers participants a unique learning experience with topics on the cutting-edge of technical innovation. This seminar series is focused on providing an opportunity for participants to learn first-hand from field experts. Each workshop is a springboard to a deeper understanding of technology and its myriad applications and potential for innovation.

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Building a Moral Robot - IEEE Spectrum Report 
Building a Moral Robot - IEEE Spectrum Report
If robots are going to become a vital part of everyday life, it's important that they know the difference between right and wrong when it comes to decision making. As IEEE Spectrum's Kristen Clark reports, that's why a team of researchers is attempting to model moral reasoning in a robot.
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Robot Stingray 
Robot Stingrays Powered by Rat Muscle Cells
Robots have advanced an enormous amount over the past few years, but they're nowhere close to the efficiency and capability of animals. As Celia Gorman and Evan Ackerman report in this IEEE Spectrum video, one way to avoid playing catch-up is to simply steal everything you can from animals as directly as possible. That's exactly what Sung-Jin Park and Professor Kevin Kit Parker at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard did. Their fully controllable robotic ray is powered by a gold skeleton and light-activated rat muscle cells.
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Pikes Peak  
Electric Motorcycle Races at Pikes Peak International - IEEE Spectrum Report
This IEEE Spectrum report by Kristen Clark followed an Ohio State University team of engineers as they tried to break the Pikes Peak course record using their Buckeye Current motorcycle.
Watch the video  
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