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Made possible by the members of IEEE, is an award-winning, Internet-based television network which produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering. On you will find a library of more than 300 programs on such topics as wind power, biomedical engineering, and recycling computer and electronic products. New programs recorded in high definition are added monthly.

International Electric Vehicle Conference 2012 International Electric Vehicle Conference 2012
IEVC is an international venue for those with an interest in the transformation of the transportation industry via electrification, including electrical vehicle designers, component and infrastructure system developers, manufacturers, utility experts, corporate executives, technical analysts, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, legislators, regulators and standardization experts.

IEEE Technology Time Machine - TTM 2012 IEEE Technology Time Machine - TTM 2012
TTM is a unique event for industry leaders, academics and decision-making government officials who direct R&D activities, plan research programs or manage portfolios of research activities. This event will cover, in a tutorial way, a selected set of potentially high impact emerging technologies, their current state of maturity and scenarios for the future.

Held at APEC 2012, the MicroMouse maze is made up of a 16 by 16 grid of cells, each 180 mm square with walls 50 mm high. The mice are completely autonomous robots that must find their way from a predetermined starting position to the central area of the maze unaided.

Test and Measurement on
IMS MicroApps: Analyzing and Understanding the Performance of an LTE System IMS MicroApps: Analyzing and Understanding the Performance of an LTE System
Joel Kirshman or AWR Corp. presents "A Methodical Approach to Analyzing and Understanding the Performance of an LTE System." As part of IMS 2010, MicroApps seminars from vendors of products and services in the microwave industry help microwave practitioners in learning the latest techniques, skills, and methods.
IMS MicroApps: Online Design Centers IMS MicroApps: Online Design Centers
"Online Design Centers - A Scalable Approach to Design Support" is presented by Sherry Hess of AWR Corp., Ronald Thisser of NXP and Uwe Knorr or Transim Technology. Presentation covers how online design environment provides interactive datasheets for small signal RF transistors, allowing users to generate custom datasheets for a variety of operating conditions.
National Instruments NIRo, a demonstration platform built by engineers at National Instruments, is a small unmanned ground vehicle that uses off-the-shelf components purchased from a local hobby store. Learn how you can design a simple robot with NI LabVIEW.
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Carl Selinger: Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School Carl Selinger: Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School
In this interview, Carl Selinger discusses his book "Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School." This practical book offers young engineers advice on speaking in front of a group, running a meeting effectively, making decisions, setting priorities, working with all sorts of people, learning to negotiate, developing leadership skills, and dealing with stress in the workplace.
Biomedical Engineering at the Mayo Clinic Biomedical Engineering at the Mayo Clinic
The video provides an overview of the biomedical engineering laboratories and research at Mayo Clinic. The collaborative research between engineers and doctors is translated seamlessly into patient care at the Clinic, and accepted into medical practices globally. Some of the research in the video includes imaging software development, radiological inventions, bone tissue engineering and the biomechanical labs.
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