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Made possible by the members of IEEE, is an award-winning, Internet-based television network which produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering. On you will find a library of more than 300 programs on such topics as wind power, biomedical engineering, and recycling computer and electronic products. New programs recorded in high definition are added monthly.

Mobile Internet Devices at Intel Mobile Internet Devices at Intel
In this video, take a look at Intel's Atom processor for the Mobile Internet Device. This device is smaller then a penny and still holds as much capacity as any other processor. With this, the user is able to access the full internet and enjoy entertainment while on the go. Uday Keshavdes, engineer at Intel Mobility Group, gives you an overview of the capabilities of the Atom processor and what innovations this brings to the field.

Oral History: Jerry Minter Winds of Change: Full Documentary
Wind power is a resource that the entire globe is trying to take advantage off. With the constant reminders to be sustainable, wind power is a way that countries all around the world can make a positive change. The documentary "Winds of Change" highlights the use of wind power in today's world. With an emphasis on emerging technologies and public policy, this documentary also looks at developing wind farm locations, the power of wind energy in developing countries, the efficiency of wind power, the economic effects that wind power have on a community, and what the future will hold for wind power. Appearances include technical and public policy experts from Asia, Europe, and North America.

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Wiley Press / IEEE Power Engineering Series-Power Engineering Series Wiley Press / IEEE Power Engineering Series-Power Engineering Series
The world of engineering and technology is face-paced and ever-changing. Developments in the field of Power Engineering are as dynamic as they come. The "Power Engineering Series" is written for industry practitioners by the leading experts in the field. Dr. Mohamed El-Hawary explains the benefits of the IEEE Power Engineering Book Series for students and professionals alike.
Carl Selinger: Stuff you Don't Learn in Engineering School Carl Selinger: Stuff you Don't Learn in Engineering School
In this interview, Carl Selinger, author of "Stuff You Don't Learn in Engineering School," discusses the advice that can be found in his hand-book for engineers. Selinger explains the importance of business and social skills for engineers in the professional world to a successful career. In this interview, Selinger explains some of the examples given in his book and why they will benefit all engineers. This book offers practical advice on topics that include shaking hands effectively, exchanging business cards appropriately in different cultures, successfully running meetings with your staff, and dealing with the stress that can sometimes be found in the work place.
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International Electric Vehicle Conference 2012 International Electric Vehicle Conference 2012
The 2012 IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference invited professionals and students from across the world to come together and represent their industry in respect to the field of electric vehicles.

APEC 2012 - Dr. Babak Fahimi Plenary APEC 2012 - Dr. Babak Fahimi Plenary
The 2012 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) presented a plenary speech by Dr. Babak Fahimi, Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas, on Fault Tolerant and Efficient Electric Drive Technologies for E-Mobility.
Intersil Better Tools Make Work Easier
A design engineer wouldn't waste any lab or bench space on an inferior tool. It's time to hold Web sites to the same standard. Intersil's radical new approach provides supports through all phases of the design and development cycle. Watch the video and see how their intuitive, intelligent and simple to use site can make your job easier.
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Giving Small Robots New Ways to Move Giving Small Robots New Ways to Move
Thomas Bewley leads the Coordinated Robotics Lab at the University of Califonia, San Diego. They've developed several novel robots that use automatic feedback control to stay balanced. Switchblade is a small, treaded robot that can climb stairs by flipping itself end-over-end. I-Hop is a two-wheeled robot that can also balance (and hop) on its pogo-stick of a leg.
Why Conferences Matter Why Conferences Matter
Your colleagues explain why conferences are an important part of what makes IEEE a critical component of the technology landscape.
National Instruments Design a Simple Robot with NI LabVIEW
NIRo, a demonstration platform built by engineers at National Instruments, is a small unmanned ground vehicle that uses off-the-shelf components purchased from a local hobby store. Learn how you can design a simple robot with NI LabVIEW.

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