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Made possible by the members of IEEE, is an award-winning, Internet-based television network which produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering. On you will find a library of more than 250 programs on such topics as wind power, biomedical engineering, and recycling computer and electronic products. New programs recorded in high definition, are added monthly.
Career Programming on
TryEngineering Careers with Impact: Mataric TryEngineering Careers with Impact: Mataric
This video profiles the career of IEEE Member Maja Mataric. Mataric designs artificial intelligence for socially assistive robots which encourage rehabilitation of patients including victims of stroke, individuals with Alzheimer's disease and children with autism.
Accelerating Photovoltaics Accelerating Photovoltaics
This short high-impact video dramatizes IEEE's involvement in photovoltaics. Following an introduction and a short history of the science that led up to the development of photovoltaics, this program focuses on the professional activities of the IEEE Electron Devices Society (ED-S), including publications, conferences, and standards development.
Airship Renaissance Airship Renaissance
The Skybus 80K is just one of a number of commercial and military airships now under development. In the last several years, experts have been looking to revive the technology for applications where conventional ground and air transport just won't do.
Testing My New Robot Body Testing My New Robot Body
Erico Guizzo's "stand-in" robot roamed around IEEE Spectrum's New York City office while Guizzo sat in his pajamas at home. From his laptop, over the Net, Guizzo could steer the robot, peer through its cameras, and talk to his colleagues. Mobile Version Goes Mobile
A mobile version of is available via for iPhone and iTouch devices. The recent launch of our mobile site will provide quick and easy access to the program catalog via iOS devices including site support for the iPad device. Support for additional mobile devices will be released as we continue to track demand across the different mobile platforms. If you have access to an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, check it out!
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