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Made possible by the members of IEEE, is an award-winning, Internet-based television network which produces and delivers special-interest programming about technology and engineering. On you will find a library of more than 300 programs on such topics as wind power, biomedical engineering, and recycling computer and electronic products. New programs recorded in high definition are added monthly.

GEOSS Forest Fire Awareness and Assessment GEOSS Forest Fire Awareness and Assessment
Learn how global information about the environment is gathered by the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) to provide data to agencies around the world.

What Woz Says What Woz Says
Steve Wozniak speaks in this short clip about what the future holds for the devices we carry in the palms of our hands.

Open Source Software: Opportunities for Social Innovation from Around the World Open Source Software: Opportunities for Social Innovation from Around the World
Three leaders in open source software for humanitarian work and sustainable development share their insights in this recorded E4C webinar.

Test and Measurement on
A Robot to Mine the Moon A Robot to Mine the Moon
IEEE Spectrum visits a warehouse in Brooklyn, N.Y., where Honeybee Robotics, a space technology company, is developing a next-generation rover to excavate and mine the lunar surface.
Group on Earth Observations(GEOSS): Technology Group on Earth Observations(GEOSS): Technology
This video introduces CLOUD SAT, the first space born cloud radar, and a way of looking at the Earth's atmosphere to see through clouds covering the Earth.
National Instruments Design a Simple Robot with NI LabVIEW
NIRo, a demonstration platform built by engineers at National Instruments, is a small unmanned ground vehicle that uses off-the-shelf components purchased from a local hobby store. Learn how you can design a simple robot with NI LabVIEW.

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At 2012 APEC, the MicroMouse Maze competition uses mice that are completely autonomous robots that must find their way from a predetermined starting position to the central area of the maze unaided.

APEC 2011-What does mobility look like in the future? APEC 2011-What does mobility look like in the future?
Dr. Burhard Huhnke, Director of Volkswagen of America Inc.'s Electronics research Laboratory, presents a plenary keynote speech at the 2011 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC). Dr. Huhnke discusses "Mobility in a Changing World: What does mobility look like in the future?"
Intersil Better Tools Make Work Easier
A design engineer wouldn't waste any lab or bench space on an inferior tool. It's time to hold web sites to the same standard. Intersil's radical new approach provides supports through all phases of the design and development cycle. Watch the video and see how our intuitive, intelligent and simple to use site can make your job easier.
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Richard Schreier Ph.D: Understanding Delta Sigma Data Converters Richard Schreier Ph.D.: Understanding Delta Sigma Data Converters
Richard Schreier, Ph.D., discusses the details of his book, "Understanding Delta Sigma Data Converters." Schreier explains one of the book's unique features, a "Delta Sigma Toolbox," which he believes is going to help students get started in understanding and designing delta sigma converters, while also explaining the more difficult aspects of the topic to more advanced students.
Richard J. Thompson Jr.: Crystal Clear Richard J. Thompson Jr.: Crystal Clear
In this interview, Richard J. Thompson, author of "Crystal Clear: The Struggle for Reliable Communications Technology in World War II," discusses the history he learned while writing his book. The book goes through the history of technology in the war, and the people that were behind it.
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