GoogleApps@IEEE Privacy and Security

GoogleApps@IEEE services have varying degrees of privacy. Use of GoogleApps@IEEE issued accounts for Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Drive are governed by contract between IEEE and Google. Additional Google Apps products are governed by the terms set forth in the consumer Google Privacy Policy. The table below outlines the privacy and security differences for each.

Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive Additional Google Apps Products
With these services;
  • Your data remains private, Google will not share your data with others;
  • There is no indexing of e-mail or files for public use.
For more information, please read Google Apps Privacy Questions and Answers (108 KB, PDF).
With these services:
  • Certain profile information and activities will be indexed by Google;
  • You will receive advertisements, recommendations, tailored content, and relevant search results
Please refer to the consumer Google Privacy Policy for further information.