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IEEE UFFC Society Newsletter
January-May 2013   UFFC Homepage  Editor-in-Chief: Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb
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Editor-in-Chief's Corner

Dear all,

     Lori Bridal

Welcome to the second edition of the UFFC Newsletter. We are working on improving both content and delivery methods and we are eager to hear from you on how you like (or not) these efforts. You can reach me and the other Newsletter Editors at I would like to introduce Lori Bridal (CNRS, Paris, France), the new UFFC Newsletter associate editor for Ultrasonics. Lori is also a member of the UFFC AdCom and the new IEEE Women in Engineering liaison for UFFC. Say hi next time that you see her at a meeting.

The big items in this edition are the ISAF and IUS meetings of 2012. ISAF was held in Aveiro, Portugal in July 2012, and IUS in Dresden, Germany in October 2012. In addition to the Ultrasonics and Ferroelectrics awards coverage for each of these meetings, you will find also a UFFC Awards section in this edition. The 2012 UFFC awards include the Achievement Award, Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Lecturer Award and Outstanding Paper Award. There were also 6 new UFFC members elevated to IEEE Fellow grade, which we celebrate.

You will also find with this edition that IEEE UFFC is now online on flickr as a group: IEEE UFFC. If you have not used Flickr before and/or are not a member, you can still find and view all the photos from our group online. If you are a Flickr member or are willing to become a member (it is free), we would love you to not only browse through the photos, but also add names in the picture captions, or chime in with your thoughts and comments, or add your own photos and movies from the events. We welcome all your photos, videos and comments.

Last but not least, please check the volunteer opportunities: UFFC is always looking for volunteers to become involved in the Society and we are specifically looking for candidates for the AdCom, as well as an associate editor for the coverage of the Frequency Control items for the Newsletter.

See you all at the joint meeting in Prague,
Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, Editor-in-Chief


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