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IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP)
Essential Information for Today's Technology Innovators

Access IEEE’s core collection of technology journals available online or in print—the most essential technology research available.

  • 160 online IEEE society-sponsored journals, transactions and magazines
  • The leading, peer-reviewed publications from highly-cited journals
  • Access to over 279,000 full-text articles
  • Backfile to 2005
  • A robust, user-friendly interface powered by the IEEE Xplore digital library
  • INSPEC® abstract/citation and bibliographic records
  • Hundreds of periodical documents added each week
  • Early online access to articles currently in production for future publication


2014 IEEE ASPP Pricing (single-site):

IEEE ASPP Online (160 Journals plus a backfile to 2005):
List Price Value: US$145,000
2014 ASPP Price: US$54,250

IEEE ASPP Print (153 Journals):
List Price Value:US$145,000
2014 ASPP Price: US$65,395*

IEEE ASPP Online Plus Print:
List Price Value: US$290,000
2014 ASPP Price: US$70,345

 *Shipping and handling cost of US$675 or air freight cost of US$8,500 must be added to non-US print orders.

Print subscribers: add online access for US$4,950
Online subscribers: add print access for US$16,095