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IEEE Conference Library Plus
Instant Access to the Most Current Conference Research for Your Business
  • Unlimited access to articles published in the last two years
  • Plus 500 document downloads to view other journal articles (including early access articles) or conference papers outside your core subscription, including content from IET, AIP, AVS, IBM, VDE, and Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information
  • The latest research from the leading innovators in a wide range of technologies
  • Affordable access to the same information used by today’s most innovative companies and your top competitors
  • More than three million documents
  • Peer-reviewed articles from the top-citing journals in many fields
  • Robust search tools with a user-friendly interface
  • An option to replenish document downloads at any time


Please note: The shared file cabinet holds a maximum of 10,000 documents.

An IEEE Conference Library Plus subscription is available for an annual single-site price of US$34,395.

Optional replenish document downloads:
100 articles at US$12/article—US$1,200
500 articles at US$ 11.50/article—US$5,750
1,000 articles at US$11/article—US$11,000