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IEEE Xplore for Corporate Workgroups
A cost-effective product for small company research teams

IEEE Xplore for Corporate Workgroups provides a small company’s team of researchers with instant access to articles and papers they need from IEEE and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

IEEE Xplore for Corporate Workgroups

  • Designed for small companies with a team of researchers (Restrictions apply based on size of company and number of users)
  • Generous monthly article download limits—up to 25 articles per month, per user, pooled into a shared file cabinet
  • Papers are stored in an electronic file cabinet viewed by all subscribing team members
  • Maximum of 25 users
  • Content included with your subscription:
    • IEEE and IET journals, magazines, transactions, and letters
    • IEEE and IET conference proceedings
    • Backfile for select content to the late 1800s


Further details:

Each subscriber can access the shared online file cabinet with their own unique login credentials. All downloads are stored in the file cabinet and available to any subscribing member of the group. The shared file cabinet stores a maximum of 10,000 documents.

Monthly downloads will be pooled among all the subscribing members of a corporate workgroup. Each subscriber receives 25 downloads. (Five individuals will pool 125 monthly downloads.)

Pricing is based on the number of users: US$500 per individual user
(A minimum number of users apply.)

For a custom quote based on the total number of subscribers, contact an IEEE Sales Representative or e-mail