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IEEE Journals Library Plus
Instant Access to the Most Current Research for Your Business

Stay competitive with full-text access to the most current technology research.

  • Unlimited access to journal and magazine articles published in the last two years, including early access articles
  • Plus 500 document downloads to view other journal articles or conference papers outside your core subscription, including content from IET, AIP, AVS, IBM, VDE, and Beijing Institute of Aerospace Information
  • The latest research from the leading innovators in a wide range of technologies
  • Affordable access to the same information used by today’s most innovative companies and your top competitors
  • More than three million documents
  • Peer-reviewed articles from the top-citing journals in many fields
  • Robust search tools with a user-friendly interface
  • An option to replenish document downloads at any time

Please note: The shared file cabinet holds a maximum of 10,000 documents.

An IEEE Journals Library Plus subscription is available for an annual single-site price of US$30,195.

Optional replenish document downloads:
100 articles at US$12/article—US$1,200
500 articles at US$11.50/article—US$5,750
1,000 articles at US$11/article—US$11,000