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IEEE Proceedings Order Plans (POP)
Innovative Technologies Are Introduced At IEEE Conferences

Access cutting-edge research papers and findings from over 1,200 annual IEEE conferences held globally.

  • The latest conference papers from the leading innovators in technology
  • 1,200+ IEEE conference titles in POP All and 125 in POP
  • 1,345,000 papers available in the POP All collection and 410,000 in POP
  • Complimentary access to papers from select VDE conference titles for POP All subscribers
  • Backfile to 2005
  • Research available often months in advance of leading journals
  • Powered by the IEEE Xplore digital library’s robust search tools
  • INSPEC® abstract/citation and bibliographic records
  • Daily updates—hundreds of new papers added weekly


2014 single-site POP subscription price: US$35,295
The core online collection of conference proceedings from 125 of the most important IEEE conferences.

2014 single-site POP All subscription price: US$71,495
Full-text, online access to all conference proceedings from over 1,200 current IEEE conferences.

IEEE POP and POP All are available as institutional, anniversary subscriptions in single-site user licenses.