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IEEE All Power and Energy Standards
Your Direct Connection to IEEE Standards

Access the standards that encompass nearly all aspects of the power industry, from generation to transmission and distribution to communication.

  • 2,300+ active, draft, and archived standards
  • Includes IEEE Standards Dictionary Online
  • Robust search tools powered by the intuitive IEEE Xplore digital library
  • E-mail alerts and updates regarding new standards and drafts
  • IEEE Redline Versions of Standards

Topics covered include:

  • ArcFlash Hazard Standards
  • Electric Machinery Standards
  • Energy Development/Power Generation Standards
  • Industrial and Commercial Facilities Standards
  • Insulated Conductors Standards
  • Power Substations Standards
  • Power Switchgear, Circuits and Fuses Standards
  • Power Systems Communications Standards
  • Power Transformers (Distribution and Regulating) Standards
  • Power Transmission and Distribution Standards
  • Protective Relaying Standards
  • Surge Protective Devices Standards
  • Testing, Instrumentation & Measurement and Metric Practice Standards