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IEEE Standards Select
Customized Access to IEEE Standards

Access the industry’s latest standards with a customizable package to meet your company’s specific needs.

  • A predetermined download limit to choose from over 4,600 IEEE Standards
  • A choice of subscription options, including Standards Select Lease or Standards Select Continued Access
  • Download any active, draft, or archived IEEE Standards*
  • Robust search tools powered by the intuitive IEEE Xplore digital library
  • Rapid collaboration with an online file cabinet
  • E-mail alerts and updates regarding new standards and drafts
  • IEEE Redline Versions of Standards


Standards Select Lease
Provides leased access to the number of standards you choose for one year

Standards Select Continued Access
Provides continued access to the number of standards you choose as long as an active subscription is maintained 

*Does not include access to the IEEE Standards Dictionary Online, or the NESC® or Arc Flash families of standards.