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What does it offer?

The IEEE Xplore digital library provides content from four distinct categories: Journals & Conference Proceedings, Standards, eBooks, and Educational Courses—all of which have been proven valuable by top companies, universities and publisher impact ratings.

IEEE Research: Journals & Conference Proceedings
IEEE publishes over 160 leading journals, transactions, and magazines in technology today, including electrical engineering, computing, biotechnology, power and energy, telecommunications, and dozens of other essential fields.

With information that continues to lead technology research, IEEE publishes highly-cited journals in several technology fields* and offers early access to forthcoming articles from select publications, posted before the print issue is available.

Subscribers are now able to expand their IEEE Xplore digital library with add-on packages from several of today's leading publishers.

IEEE supports more than 1,200+ leading conferences in cutting-edge technologies annually, and the collected proceedings are recognized worldwide as the most vital collection in electrical engineering, computer science, and related fields.

IEEE journals and conference papers have received more than 270,000 patent citations (over 3 times the number of citations of any other publisher).**

* 2012 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports (JCR), released in June 2013

** 1790 Analytics, LLC. 2013

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IEEE Standards
IEEE is a leading developer of over 4,200 standards that underpin many of today’s technologies. Our standards are developed in a unique environment that builds consensus in an open forum based on input from all interested parties. This process allows IEEE to be a central source of standards in traditional and emerging fields, particularly telecommunications, information technology, and power generation.

Popular IEEE standards include the National Electrical Safety Code®, IEEE 802.3™ Ethernet, IEEE 802.11™ Wireless Networking, IEEE 802.16™ WiMAX, IEEE 1394™ FireWire, and IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems.

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eBooks Collections
The eBooks collections offered through IEEE provide access to more than 1,050 eBooks titles in a variety of technologies.

The MIT Press eBooks Library collection covers the fields of computer science and engineering technologies, including artificial intelligence, information theory, computer programming, information technology, and electrical engineering.

The IEEE-Wiley eBooks Library covers such technologies as bioengineering, power & energy, and communication, among other growing areas of research.

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IEEE Educational Courses
The IEEE eLearning Library selects the best IEEE educational courses and tutorials from conferences around the world and delivers them in a series of engaging and highly interactive online courses.

IEEE English for Engineering is online English instruction for improving technical communication skills.

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