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There are three different organizations within IEEE that publish books. Books are published in many different formats such as e-books, online books, Amazon Kindle and are available through IEEE Xplore, John Wiley & Sons' Web site, Amazon, as well as other online retail outlets.   


IEEE Press / Wiley

IEEE Press partnered with John Wiley & Sons publishes technical books in all the fields served by IEEE in both print and electronic formats for readers at all levels of their careers.


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IEEE Standards Information Network

The IEEE Standards Information Network, an imprint within the IEEE Standards Association, publishes handbooks, guides, and tutorials making it easier to understand, navigate through, and implement IEEE standards that are essential for industry. These companion publications are necessary reading in order to gain a deeper understanding of the details necessary to design and implement products based on IEEE standards.


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IEEE Computer Society Press / Wiley

The IEEE Computer Society, the world's leading organization of computer professionals, partnered with John Wiley & Sons publish a co-branded imprint of books focused in the area of computer science and engineering. These books help computing professionals stay up-to-date with the latest information in their fields.


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IEEE Open Access

IEEE Open Access delivers articles free of charge to readers worldwide.

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