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Learn how to subscribe to the Proceedings of the IEEE.


Subscription information

Subscribe to one of the most highly cited general interest journals in electrical and computer engineering in the world. The Proceedings of the IEEE is ranked No. 1 among all IEEE publications and is currently ranked No. 2 among all IEEE journals (as measured by impact factor)*.

  • Review papers examine a technology from inception through today’s real world applications and provide insight into tomorrow.
  • Surveys comprehensively review a technologytheory, applications, and potential for growth and development.
  • Tutorials are written for the general reader to provide a way to communicate new technological ideas to diverse technology professionals.

 *ISI Journal Citation Report (2011)


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Subscription prices for 2015 (full year)

IEEE Members or Society Affiliates
Members can subscribe when they renew their memberships or by visiting the IEEE Contact Center.
Online only: US$39 (US$32 for IEEE Student members)
Print only: US$45
Print and online: US$55

Non-IEEE Members

Non-members can subscribe by contacting IEEE customer service.
Online only: US$1,010
Print only: US$1,1600
Print and online: US$1,415

Libraries and Subscription Agents
Visit the Membership and Subscriptions Catalog or contact customer service for more information.


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Customer service (subscriptions)

+1 800 701 4333 (USA, Canada, and Mexico)
+1 732 981 0060 (worldwide)

For information on optional air freight charges, contact the IEEE Customer Service Department.


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