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The Proceedings of the IEEE news section features the latest news related to the Proceedings special issues, press releases, and other updates and announcements.

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Recent press releases

Special Open Access Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Explores Hardware Security and Threats (PDF, 50 KB)
12 September 2014
This special issue showcases advances in state-of-the-art trustworthy integrated circuits and systems spanning a range of topics from theoretical and conceptual foundations, synthesis, testing, and verification, through modeling and optimization, to case studies.

Special Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Explores What’s in Store for Energy Storage (PDF, 29 KB)
12 August 2014
The June/July two-part special issue examines recent advances in electrochemical energy storage as well as the regulatory policy and market mechanisms for large-scale deployment of energy storage systems.

Proceedings of the IEEE Explores Future Radio Spectrum Access (PDF, 173 KB)
1 April 2014
Competition for use of radio spectrum resources is at an all-time high. Find out whether the shortage of radio spectrum is real, or it is simply an artifact created by inefficient management of available bandwidth in the March 2014 special issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE.

Proceedings of the IEEE Releases Special Issue Examining Augmented Reality (PDF, 173 KB)
27 February 2014
The February 2014 special issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE focuses on new applications of augmented reality, an approach to visualizing cyber information on top of physical imagery and manipulating cyber information through interactions with real-word objects.

Proceedings of the IEEE Reveals Most Downloaded Stories Throughout 2013 (PDF, 37 KB)
7 January 2014
Check out the top articles of the Proceedings of the IEEE in 2013.


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“Physical Unclonable Functions and Applications: A Tutorial”
by C. Herder, M. D. Yu, F. Koushanfar, and S. Devadas
This paper introduces two primary applications of Physical unclonable functions (PUFs) technology: low-cost authentication and secret key generation.

“Trustworthiness of Medical Devices and Body Area Networks”
by M. Zhang, A. Raghunathan, and N. K. Jha
This paper identifies the potential threats that undermine the trustworthiness of implantable and wearable medical devices and discusses the merits and inadequacies of existing defenses.


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Related news

Constructing Brain-Like Processing Systems Able to Solve Cognitive Tasks
16 May 2014
Building brain-like neural processing architectures requires sufficient theoretical grounds for understanding the computational properties of such as system and effective methods to combine these components in neuromorphic systems. Professor Elisabetta Chicca and her team focus on an approach aimed at the realization of compact, real-time, and energy-efficient computational devices that directly emulate the style of computation of the brain. Her paper to be published in the Proceedings proposes a set of neuromorphic engineering solutions to address the challenge of building low-power compact physical artifacts that can behave intelligently in the real world and exhibit cognitive abilities.
Stanford Scientists Create circuit Board Modeled on the Human Brain
24 April 2014
Professor  Kwabena Boahen and his team developed Neurogrid, a neuromorphic system for simulating large-scale neural models in real time. Their paper, published in the May 2014, issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE describes the design of this hardware system to provide computational neuroscientists with the capability of performing biological real-time simulations of a million neurons ad their synaptic connections.
13 March 2014
Jules White, Guest Editor of the February 2014 issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE, explains the value of augmented reality technology in an interview.
12 March 2014
In a paper published in the Proceedings February 2014 issue, a vision of what a future car may look like with augmented reality applications is described. Read “Behind the Glass: Driver Challenges and Opportunities for AR Automotive Applications” on IEEE Xplore.
The Institute Highlights a Proceedings Paper on Marine Energy Technology
7 February 2014
The article covers the U. K. Facilities for testing marine energy converters. See the Proceedings article, “An Overview of the U.K. Marine Energy Sector ,” for more on the development of the U.K. marine energy sector. 



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Recent award-winning papers

Dipankar Raychaudhuri and Narayan Mandayam, "Frontiers of Wireless and Mobile Communications," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 100, No. 10, April 2012, pp. 824-840. (2014 IEEE Donald Fink Award)

Stefano Galli, Anna Scaglione,and  Zhifang Wang, "For the Grid and Through the Grid: The Role of Power Communications in the Smart Grid," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 99, No. 6, June 2011, pp. 998-1027. (2013 Donald Fink Prize Paper Award)

Andreas F. Molisch, Larry J. Greenstein, Mansoor Shafi, "Propagation Issues for Cognitive Radio," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 97, No. 5, May 2009, pp. 787-804. (2011 Donald Fink Prize Paper Award)

Daniel J. Costello and G. David Forney, Jr., "Channel Coding: The Road to Channel Capacity," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 95, No. 6, June 2007, pp. 1150-1117. (2009 Donald Fink Prize Paper Award)

Yann Frauel, Thomas J. Naughton, Osamu Matoba, Enrique Tajahuerce, Bahram Javidi, "Three-Dimensional Imaging and Processing Using Computational Holographic Imaging," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 94, No.3, March 2006, pp. 836-853. (2008 Donald Fink Prize Paper Award)


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Archived news releases

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