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The Proceedings of the IEEE news section features the latest news related to the Proceedings special issues, press releases, and other updates and announcements.



Dresselhaus ImgageMildred S. Dresselhaus, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at MIT, is the 2015 IEEE Medal of Honor recipient. Professor Dresselhaus is known for her work in carbon-based materials. Professor Dresselhaus’s article on “Carbon-Based Nanomaterials From a Historical Perspective” was featured in the July 2013 issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE on Emerging Graphene-Based Electronic & Photonic Devices, Circuits, and Systems (PDF, 137 KB).  


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Nova Show Screenshot

NOVA Show Inspired by Proceedings of the IEEE Point of View

A Point of View article by Professor Derek Abbott titled "The Reasonable Ineffectiveness of Mathematics (PDF, 2 KB)," published in the Proceedings of the IEEE October 2013 issue, inspired a PBS NOVA show, The Great Math Mystery.
The program presents both sides of the debate, asking the question "Is mathematics discovered or invented?" and interviewing well-known US physicists and mathematicians, including Professor Abbott.


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Recent press releases

April Press ReleaseSpecial Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Delves into Advanced Flexible Electronics for Sensing Applications (PDF, 124 KB)
17 July 2015
The April 2015 special issue on flexible hybrid electronics provides insight into the technical problems that must be overcome, as well as the new capabilities they could provide.

Cover of Proceedings May issueSpecial Issue of Proceedings of IEEE Delves into the Frontier of Possibilities in Reconfigurability (PDF, 124 KB)
26 May 2015
The March 2015 special issue is the first part of two special issues that will provide an in-depth treatment of the subject of reconfigurable systems as enabled through advancements in the electrical engineering field.

Cover of Proceedings April issue

Special Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Investigates Advances and Challenges in Global Health Care (PDF, 127 KB)
6 Apr 2015
The February 2015 special issue discusses the financing, delivery, and management of global healthcare systems, and also focuses on the recent technological advances in healthcare and their use in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases.


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Related news

Wearable Sensors Reduce Risk of Pregnancy Complications
24 Jun 2015
Wearable technologies offer tools to monitor lifestyle behaviors during pregnancy and promote healthier pregnancies within the context of behavioral change.

Disabled People Pilot A Robot Remotely with Their Thoughts
23 Jun 2015
A brain-computer interface (BCI) (PDF, 2 MB) allows people with motor disabilities to control a robot using their brain signals.

Medical Microbots: Take a Fantastic Voyage Into Reality
1 June 2015
As the robot size goes down to the order of a single cell, previously inaccessible body sites would become available. An extensive range of minimally invasive medical operations would be possible with these milli/microrobots.

What Will It Take to Make Health Monitors Smarter
1 June 2015
ASSIST researchers share the vision to use nanotechnology to build miniature, self-powered, wearable, and wireless sensing devices that can enable monitoring of personal health and environmental exposure.

Bioinspired Imaging Technologies and Techniques
17 Mar 2015
How animals make use of sensory systems can shed light to a wide range of sensing and imaging problems. The Proceedings of the IEEE Special issue on Bioinspired Imaging shows how biosystems can provide clues to innovations.

The Internet of Things Will Be a Giant Persuasion Machine
1 Mar 2015
As social media and other internet-connected devices continue to harvest data on human individual behaviors and social interactions, social interventions become increasingly feasible. The Proceedings of the IEEE Special Issue on The Digital Age and the Future of Social Network Science and Engineering explores how technologies are changing social networks and what the consequences will be for human social dynamics.

He Has a Great Personality: Using Digital Footprints to Segment Markets
24 Feb 2015
More and more human activities leave digital footprints, which can be used to infer personality. Tracking the digital footprints of personality offers insights and opportunities for future research but may also have negative implications.

The Future of Telemedicine: Remote Powered Medical Implants
28 Jan 2015
The power supply of medical implants has been a challenge in telemedicine. A recent Proceedings paper discusses concepts for remote powering of medical implant systems. 


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Recent award-winning papers

Dipankar Raychaudhuri and Narayan Mandayam, "Frontiers of Wireless and Mobile Communications," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 100, No. 10, April 2012, pp. 824-840. (2014 IEEE Donald Fink Award)

Stefano Galli, Anna Scaglione,and  Zhifang Wang, "For the Grid and Through the Grid: The Role of Power Communications in the Smart Grid," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 99, No. 6, June 2011, pp. 998-1027. (2013 Donald Fink Prize Paper Award)

Andreas F. Molisch, Larry J. Greenstein, Mansoor Shafi, "Propagation Issues for Cognitive Radio," Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 97, No. 5, May 2009, pp. 787-804. (2011 Donald Fink Prize Paper Award)


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