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The Proceedings of the IEEE news section features the latest press releases, and social media posts.


Recent press releases

April Press ReleaseSpecial Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Delves into Advanced Flexible Electronics for Sensing Applications (PDF, 124 KB)
17 July 2015
The April 2015 special issue on flexible hybrid electronics provides insight into the technical problems that must be overcome, as well as the new capabilities they could provide.



Cover of Proceedings May issueSpecial Issue of Proceedings of IEEE Delves into the Frontier of Possibilities in Reconfigurability (PDF, 124 KB)
26 May 2015
The March 2015 special issue is the first part of two special issues that will provide an in-depth treatment of the subject of reconfigurable systems as enabled through advancements in the electrical engineering field.


Cover of Proceedings April issue

Special Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Investigates Advances and Challenges in Global Health Care (PDF, 127 KB)
6 Apr 2015
The February 2015 special issue discusses the financing, delivery, and management of global healthcare systems, and also focuses on the recent technological advances in healthcare and their use in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases.


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