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The Proceedings of the IEEE news section features the latest press releases and social media posts.


Recent press releases

December Press ReleaseProceedings of the IEEE Special Issue on Electronic Ship Technologies (PDF, 128 KB)
18 January 2016
This special issue provides a comprehensive treatment of the history of electric ship propulsion, the present status of both commercial and military electric ships, and the ongoing research that will lead to the fully integrated all-electric ship.


November Press ReleaseProceedings of the IEEE Releases Special Issue on Electronic Design Automation (PDF, 132 KB)
19 January 2016
This special issue provides an overview of the evolution of EDA and a perspective on some of the principle avenues of future development.


September Press ReleaseProceedings of the IEEE Launches Special Issue on Multimodal Data Fusion (PDF, 148 KB)
19 October 2015
The September 2015 Special Issue provides a review of current approaches and results on multimodal data fusion from different disciplines, and by including the required background in each domain, aims to provide a common forum for the exchange of ideas in this very active field of research.


August Press ReleaseMemories in the Future of Information Processing (PDF, 124 KB)
6 October 2015
The August 2015 Special Issue aims to explore, with the future potentiation of information processing, the subject of memory in its multitudinous forms in circuits and systems.



June Press ReleaseThe Plurality of Human-Brain Computer Interfacing (PDF, 124 KB)
30 September 2015
The June 2015 Special Issue on brain-computer interfacing is dedicated to this growing and diversifying research enterprise, and features important review articles as well as current research in this area.


April Press ReleaseSpecial Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Delves into Advanced Flexible Electronics for Sensing Applications (PDF, 124 KB)
17 July 2015
The April 2015 special issue on flexible hybrid electronics provides insight into the technical problems that must be overcome, as well as the new capabilities they could provide.



Cover of Proceedings May issueSpecial Issue of Proceedings of IEEE Delves into the Frontier of Possibilities in Reconfigurability (PDF, 124 KB)
26 May 2015
The March 2015 special issue is the first part of two special issues that will provide an in-depth treatment of the subject of reconfigurable systems as enabled through advancements in the electrical engineering field.


Cover of Proceedings April issue

Special Issue of Proceedings of the IEEE Investigates Advances and Challenges in Global Health Care (PDF, 127 KB)
6 Apr 2015
The February 2015 special issue discusses the financing, delivery, and management of global healthcare systems, and also focuses on the recent technological advances in healthcare and their use in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases.


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