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Information on future special issues of Proceedings of the IEEE is provided below.


Directions 2015

For information regarding any of the Special Issues below, please e-mail the Proceedings staff.


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Publication schedule 2015-2016

Title Issue Guest Editors
Energy Harvesting and Scavenging

November 2014

Manos M. Tentzeris, Apostolos Georgiadis, Luca Roselli

The Impact of Changing Technology on Social Networks

December 2014 Jessica C. Flack, Graham Spencer, Raissa D'Souza
Global Health Care: Advances and Challenges February 2015 Metin Akay
Reconfigurable Systems March 2015 Christos Christodoulou, James Lyke
Flexible Electronics April 2015 Robert Reuss, Gregory Raupp, Bruce Gnade
The Plurality of Human Brain Computer Interfaces 2015 Gernot Müller-Putz, Gerwin Schalk, Jose del R. Millan, Klaus-R. Müller
Design Automation of Electronic System-Past accomplishments and Challenges Ahead 2015 Tiziano Villa, Robert K. Brayton, Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, Luca Carloni
Multimodal Data Fusion 2015  Tulay Adali, Lars Kai Hansen, Christian Jutten
Physical Layer Security and its Applications 2015 Phil Regalia , Yingin Liang, Ashish Khisti, and Stefano Tomasin
Memories in the future of information processing 2015 Sandip Tiwari
Big Data: Science Perspective 2015 Simon Haykin, Yoshua Benigo, Stephen Wright, Jon Atli Benediktsson
Microgrids and Energy Sustainable Buildings 2015 John Baillieul, Michael Caramanis, Maria Ilic
Electric Ship Technologies 2016 Steinar J. Dale, Robert E. Hebner, Giorgio Sulligoi
Informatics and Nanoscience: Developing New Materials for the Future 2015 Krishna Rajan, Sadasivan Shankar

Structural Health Monitoring: Advances and Implementations


Jerome P. Lynch, Jennifer E. Michaels, Charles R. Farrar

Biomedical Signal Processing 2016 Mathias Baumert, Alberto Porta, Andrzej Cichocki




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