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Representatives from IEEE will be on hand to demonstrate the IEEE Xplore® digital library products and answer your questions at several exhibits and conferences throughout the year. Here is a list of upcoming 2016 events and dates where IEEE will be exhibiting and holding special events for customers.


Upcoming exhibits and conferences

Semicon Taiwan
The largest microelectronics event in Taiwan, with over 40,000 visitors.   
7 - 9 September | Taipei, Taiwan 
Find out more about Semicon Taiwan

Entre Pares CONRICYT
This conference from the National Resource Consortium of Scientific and Technical Information attracts librarians, researchers, graduate students, and others seeking to expand expertise in the use of specialized information.    
5 - 6 October | Yucatan, Mexico 
Find out more about Entre Pares CONRICYT



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User groups

Periodically, IEEE holds regional user-group meetings for its corporate, academic, and government customers. Those who attend have the opportunity to network with their peers, provide feedback for ongoing IEEE product development, and learn about upcoming new IEEE online products and features.  

If you would like to take part in one of these user groups, propose one in your area, or find out more about upcoming user groups already scheduled, email


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Contact IEEE Client Services

Contact the IEEE Client Services team for information about IEEE Xplore.

Contact Information

IEEE Sales Representatives
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IEEE International Dealers

Technical Support
Contact the technical support team for technical issues.
Worldwide +1 732 981 0060
US +1 800 701 IEEE (4333)

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