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Representatives from IEEE will be on hand to demonstrate online products and answer your questions at several exhibits and conferences throughout the year. Here is a list of upcoming 2016 events and dates IEEE will be exhibiting.



Date Conference Location
4–8 January Very Large Scale Integration Design Conference Kolkata, India
6–9 January The International Consumer Electronics Show Las Vegas, NV, USA
8–11 January American Library Association Midwinter Conference Boston, MA, USA
20–21 January DesignCon Santa Clara, CA, USA
27–30 January Ontario Library Association (OLA) Super Conference Toronto, Canada
31 Jan–4 February IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) San Francisco, CA, USA
9–11 February VALA2016 Melbourne, Australia
11–12 February Academic and Special Libraries Annual Conference Dublin, Ireland
14–17 February Association of University Technology Mangers (AUTM) Annual Meeting San Diego, CA, USA
22–25 February Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Spain
8–10 March Computers in Libraries Washington, DC, USA
14–17 March Bibliotekskongress Leipzig Leipzig, Germany
15–17 March SEMICON China Shanghai, China
22–24 March Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) Conference Anaheim, CA, USA
29 March–1 April  Engineering Deans Institute San Francisco, CA, USA
31 March–2 April California Academic & Research Library (CARL) Costa Mesa, CA, USA
4–5 April Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference Austin, TX, USA
7–9 April ANKOSLink (Anatolian University Libraries) Antalya Kundu, Turkey
11–13 April UKSG Annual Conference Bournemouth, England
19–21 April Special Libraries Association (SLA) - Arabian Gulf Chapter Kuwait
18–20 May Mexican Association of Librarians Huatulco Beach, Mexico
21–26 May Patent Information Users Group (PIUG) Vancouver, WA, USA
23–25 May

INFO 2016 Teldan

Tel Aviv, Israel

22–27 May IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IEEE IMS-MTT) San Francisco, CA, USA
1–3 June Canadian Library Association Ottawa, Canada
5–7 June IPBC Global (IP Business College) Barcelona, Spain
5–9 June Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) Haiti
5–9 June International Association of University Libraries (IATUL) Halifax, Canada
 8–9 June International South African Online Information Meeting Pretoria, South Africa
12–14 June Special Libraries Association (SLA) Annual Conference Philadelphia, PA, USA
26–29 June American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Conference New Orleans, LA, USA
12–14 July SEMICON West San Francisco, CA, USA
13–19 August IFLA World Library and Information Congress Columbus, OH, USA
7–9 September SEMICON Taiwan Taipei, Taiwan
8–13 September IBC2016 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13 September Billington Cybersecurity Summit Washington, DC, USA
5–6 October Entre Pares - CONRICYT Yucatan, Mexico
17–20 October FutureCom Sao Paolo, Brazil
19–23 October Frankfurt Book Fair Frankfurt, Germany
23–26 October Licensing Executives Society Annual Meeting Vancouver, BC, Canada
25–27 October SMPTE Annual Conference and Technical Symposium Hollywood, CA, USA
8–11 November electronica Munich, Germany
21–22 November IP Service World Munich, Germany
28 November–2 December I/ITSEC Orlando, FL, USA
13–15 December Power-Gen Orlando, FL, USA



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