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The online IP Address and Username/Password Amendment Form is a convenient way for digital subscribers to update the authentication to access subscribed content on the IEEE Xplore digital library.


IP Address and Username/Password Amendment Form

Complete this form to request changes to IP Addresses and/or Username/Passwords listed on your subscription account. Only authorized users are allowed to request changes to an account.

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IP Address Changes

  • (If proxy server is used, please skip this section and fill in the proxy server information in the space provided below.)
  • IEEE permits licensee to make use of one or more proxy server(s) to provide access to the subscribed content. Complete the information below so IEEE can accurately monitor authentication and use of the licensed products.

  • Intended use of proxy server(s):
    (Check all that apply)
  • Reason for adding new IP addresses:
    (Check all that apply)

Username/Password Changes
  • Please indicate if you would like IEEE to create a new username/password or if you would like to choose one of your own.
    Note: both username and password must contain at least 8 characters, have at least one numeric character, and both are case sensitive.

  • If you would like to remove a username/password from your account, please indicate the username/password to be removed.


Questions or Comments

For questions please contact the Customer Center at


Contact IEEE Client Services

Contact the IEEE Client Services team for information about IEEE Xplore.

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Contact the technical support team for technical issues.
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