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Thank you for your interest in IEEE Xplore digital library and Shibboleth/Athens authentication. To get you started, please provide the information below.

Not sure whether your institution requires Shibboleth or Athens authentication?


Shibboleth or Athens Registration Form

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Which authentication method does your institution use?

Is your institution planning to adopt or move to another access method soon?
(For example, if you are moving from Athens to Shibboleth)
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If you use Shibboleth, enter the name of your IdP ID.
If you use Athens, enter your organization ID.

Please select the name of the Federation your institution is a member of:

If you chose Other, please provide your Federation name:

Please provide a technical contact:


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Following receipt of your information, we will contact your technical liaison to begin set-up.

To find out more about Shibboleth or Athens authentication:



Contact IEEE Client Services

Contact the IEEE Client Services team for information about IEEE Xplore.

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Technical Support
Contact the technical support team for technical issues.
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