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Put the most sought-after technical data in the palm of your hand

IEEE Xplore® Mobile gives you the power to search the IEEE Xplore digital library on the go. Just go to visit on any Web-enabled phone.

You’ll be able to conduct simple searches, view up to 10 article abstracts per search, and e-mail yourself a link to view the full article. It’s the fastest way to get the technical articles you need when you’re away from your PC.


Custom mobile interface makes it easy to use

mobile_screen_1 Visit on your mobile phone’s browser. Type in your search term and click the “Go” button.
mobile_screen_2 You’ll get up to 10 article abstracts with citations. You can e-mail the list to yourself for future viewing, or read the abstracts right on your phone.

To view the full text of an article, e-mail it to yourself. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll be able to view the article directly from the main IEEE Xplore site. Non-subscribers can purchase the article or subscribe to the IEEE Xplore digital library.

For subscriber authentication, advanced searches, and full-text articles, please visit the IEEE Xplore digital library homepage.


Watch for the enhanced version coming soon!

Be sure to give your feedback on the IEEE Xplore Mobile beta version. E-mail from your phone by clicking About and Let Us Know. We’ll use it to make sure the enhanced version has more of what you need…and more of what you need to know.  


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Browser Requirements

IEEE Xplore Mobile Beta is viewable on all web-enabled mobile devices; however, it has been optimized for mobile devices with screen sizes 320x240pixels and above with newer browser technology (i.e. Apple iPhone, Blackberry Storm).

Instructions for BlackBerry Users:
You may need to make the following changes to your settings to enhance your viewing experience. First go to your Internet browser, select “Options,” and then “Browser Configuration.” If they are not already checked, check the box next to the following settings and the “Save Changes”:

  • Support Javascript
  • Support HTML Tables
  • Use Foreground and Background Colors
  • Support Embedded Media
  • Support Style Sheets
  • Set "Style Sheet Media Type" to "Handheld"
  • Set "Show Images and Content Mode" to "On WML & HTML Pages"
  •   Set "Emulation Mode" to "BlackBerry"