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Ideal for corporations, universities and government agencies 

IEEE 3000 Standards Collection, brought to you by the IEEE Xplore® digital library, contains industry-proven tools specifically developed for today’s engineers involved in all facets of industrial and commercial power systems. The IEEE 3000 Standards Collection gives your entire research staff one of the most comprehensive industry resources, instantly updated and always available.


Features and benefits

  • Access must-know procedures, formulas, diagrams, and more.
  • Facilitate compliance with industry standards with awareness of current state-of-the-art engineering principles.
  • Maximize product development and R&D with the most comprehensive collections of IEEE standards.
  • Access active, revised, archived, and draft standards.
  • Stay up-to-date with alerts on new standards and drafts.
  • Save time and money by accessing the essential IEEE standards and drafts you need.
  • Manage your IEEE standards needs online.


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How it works

The IEEE 3000 Standards Collection is an annual subscription delivered via IEEE Xplore. Subscribers will have instant, full-text access to any IEEE Standards document. Simply click on the document and it will open.


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Topics covered include

  • IEEE 3000 Standard: Fundamentals
  • IEEE 3001 Standards: Power Systems Design
  • IEEE 3002 Standards: Power Systems Analysis
  • IEEE 3003 Standards: Power Systems Grounding
  • IEEE 3004 Standards: Protection & Coordination
  • IEEE 3005 Standards: Energy & Standby Power Systems
  • IEEE 3006 Standards: Power Systems Reliability
  • IEEE 3007 Standards: Maintenance, Operations & Safety



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How to subscribe


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