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Use this checklist to determine if your materials provide students with sufficient access to learning materials.


Do your materials include the following elements?

  • Explanation/presentation of instructional content
  • Appropriate opportunity for practice
  • Assessment of progress


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Do your written or online materials follow these general guidelines?

Effective writing

  • Phrasing and terminology are simplified.
  • Materials are concise.
  • Materials use active, not passive, voice.


  • Text is formatted with ragged right margin.
  • Appropriate font size (11 - 13 points) are used.
  • Use of varying fonts is minimized.


  • Graphics are placed close to text that describes them.
  • Graphics are consistently laid out.
  • Graphics are used to explain visual conventions.

Information organization

  • Overviews or pre-questions are included.
  • Tables or lists are used for clarification.
  • Information is chunked into meaningful groups (five to nine items).

Learning Theory

  • Material contains an introduction that provides background.
  • Material presents topics that create a basis for understanding and procedures to enable performance.
  • Material allows learners to practice and perform required procedures.

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Were the following aspects of learning considered?

  • Learner characteristics
  • Resources and/or constraints of facilities
  • Content analysis
  • Learning objectives
  • Instructional strategies


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