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If you are considering implementing educational technology, consider the following factors.



  • Is the technology accessible to all learners?
  • Is the technology flexible? Will there be language barriers?
  • Is the technology difficult to learn or to use?


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How much will developing the technology cost?


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Learning and instructional strategy

  • What instructional approaches will best meet your learning objectives?
  • What technologies are best for supporting this kind of learning?
  • Can any existing content be adapted to the technology?
  • What skills or knowledge does the technology support?


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Feedback and interactivity

Does the technology encourage any interaction? What kind?


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Institutional issues

  • Are there any institutional barriers to using this technology?
  • What kind of support is needed for this technology? Does it exist?
  • Do any organizational or institutional changes need to be made to incorporate the technology?


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  • How quickly can you create and distribute materials?
  • How much flexibility does the technology allow? How quickly can you change the materials?


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More and more, online materials are being developed for digital libraries. Do you need to ensure that your materials are built and tagged consistently and appropriately for inclusion in a digital library?


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