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Learn about evaluation strategies and tips that will help you retrieve accurate course evaluation data.

Consider employing formative evaluation, summative evaluation, or combining the two efforts.


Formative evaluation

  • on-going process
  • facilitates course and content adaptation
  • enables the instructor to improve instruction on an ongoing basis.

Consider using:

  • e-mail
  • telephone
  • surveys
  • questionnaires

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Summative evaluation

  • assesses overall effectiveness of the completed instructional unit
  • allows instructor to develop a revision plan, in order to improve next instructional delivery
  • can provide information for designing a new plan, program, or course

Examples of questions that would give you summative data:

  • List three to five weaknesses of this instructional unit.
  • List three to five strengths of this instructional unit.
  • What would you recommend to a friend planning to take this course?
  • What did you think would be covered in this course but was not?
  • Would you recommend this course to a friend? Why or why not?

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