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Use these questions as a sample questionnaire for students.


Sample student survey

If you have the time and opportunity to conduct a student analysis, consider the following questions:

  1. What are the required prerequisites? What knowledge do learners need to have before they take this course?
  2. Have learners experienced something similar to this instruction?
  3. What attitudes do the learners have about instructional content?
  4. What kinds of expectations do learners have concerning instructional delivery?
  5. How relevant is the instructional goal to the learners?
  6. What are the job titles or functions of potential learners?
  7. How confident will your learners be?
  8. What are the educational and general ability levels of the learners?
  9. What are the general learning preferences of the target learners?
  10. How do the learners feel about the organization (IEEE) providing the instruction?
  11. Are the learners heterogeneous? Homogeneous? In what ways?

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