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Use this list as a resource when you develop your own objectives. Note the specific action verbs used in each performance statement.


What are some examples of performance objectives?

  • Student teams will design new automation modules.
  • Students will define the protocols and systems that implement the Internet.
  • Students will write simulations.
  • Students will define error-correction coding.
  • You will be able to identify and define the correct name for the components that make up the network provisioning system.
  • Students will analyze the design trade-off in ADC and DAC design.
  • Students will develop strategies and analytical methods for evaluation of capital projects.
  • Students will outline key concepts and principles of effective human resource management.
  • Students will compose a complete and accurate technical document.
  • Students will compose and customize a presentation for a specific audience.
  • Students will identify basics of Telecommunication Traffic Engineering.
  • Students will perform information processing in IS-95 uplink and downlink.


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