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The Regional Activities Board (RAB) presented the following awards in 1998.


RAB Larry K. Wilson Transnational Award

Erling Hesla and Kao Chen
For creating and implementing an innovative technical and administrative partnership program to promote IEEE globalization.


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RAB Innovation Award

Gerald M. Karam
For aggressively developing and pursuing innovative solutions to the issue of student retention.


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RAB Leadership Award

James H. Beall
For the improvement of communications between the IEEE Florida West Coast Section and the Institute, and for outstanding leadership in the solicitation of, preparation for, and management of technical conferences in the Tampa Bay area.

Gerald W. Gordon
For exemplary leadership and synergy in many diverse areas over many years supporting specific membership, organizational, technical, educational and professional activities at the Chapter, Section, Region and Institute levels of IEEE.

Merrill D. Wittman
For outstanding contributions to the IEEE Vancouver Section in a sustained and effective leadership role to build and maintain the members' interest and enthusiasm in pursuing the goals of the IEEE Regional Activities Board.


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RAB Achievement Award

Zbigniew Ciok
For outstanding service as Chairman which accelerated the development of the IEEE in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Zbigniew H. Czyz
For exemplary service to the IEEE Poland Section.

K. Wendy Tang
For her strong leadership role in, and her outstanding service and support for, engineering student activities and projects that assist women pursuing careers in engineering and science.


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