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MGA Outstanding Large, Medium, and Small Section Awards are awarded to one large Section, one medium Section, and one small Section each year, for their successful efforts in fulfilling the educational and scientific goals of IEEE for the benefit of the public by maintaining, enhancing, and supporting the Student Branches, Technical Chapters, and Affinity Groups within their geographic boundaries.


This year's MGA Outstanding Section Award recipients

Large - IEEE Bangalore Section, Region 10

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

  2013 2014
Chair Hitesh Mehta Ravikiran Annaswamy
Vice Chair

Ravikiran Annaswamy / K.V.S. Hari

Debabrata Das / Sudeendra Koushik

Secretary Nitin Keshav Puneet Mishra
Treasurer R. Venkata Siva Reddy Rayapur R. Venkata Siva Reddy Rayapur


Medium - IEEE Croatia Section, Region 8

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts. 

Chair Mislav Grgic
Vice Chair Maja Matijasevic
Secretary Ana Katalinic
Treasurer Jelena Bozek


Small - IEEE Panama Section, Region 9

Congratulations to the following officers for their efforts.

Chair Yinnis Anette Solis de Amaya
Vice Chair Jose Correa
Secretary Amy Reyes
Treasurer Jorge Him C.


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Outstanding Large Section Award recipients

201410IEEE Bangalore Section
20131IEEE North Jersey Section
20121IEEE Boston Section
20117IEEE Ottawa Section
20107IEEE Vancouver Section
200910IEEE Taipei Section
20089IEEE Peru Section
20073IEEE Melbourne Section
20062IEEE Pittsburgh Section
20057IEEE Ottawa Section
20041IEEE Long Island Section

Large Section = 1,501 or more members


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Outstanding Medium Section Award recipients

Region Section
2014 8 IEEE Croatia Section


Medium Section = 501 - 1,500 members

The Outstanding Medium Section Award was established in November 2013.


Outstanding Small Section Award recipients

20149IEEE Panama Section
20131IEEE Green Mountain Section
20125IEEE Galveston Bay Section
20117IEEE London Section
20107IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section
20096IEEE Richland Section
200810IEEE South Australia Section
200710IEEE Shikoku Section
20065IEEE Oklahoma Section
20059IEEE Bahia Section
200410IEEE South Australia Section

Small Section = 500 or less members

In November 2003, the Outstanding Large and Small Section Awards were established.  These awards were presented as a substitute for the Outstanding Section Award.


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Outstanding Section Award recipients

200210IEEE Bombay Section
20012IEEE Philadelphia Section


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Activity highlights from this year's award recipients and nominees

The IEEE Bangalore Section (R10) focused on elevation of members to Senior Member grade for purposes of membership development. The IEEE Bangalore Section now has more than 400 Senior Members. The Section was able to elevate 188 members to Senior Member grade; more than 74% rise in a single calendar year. The IEEE Bangalore Section had numerous activities for IEEE Day (1 October 2013), including Cybertron - an IEEE R10 level online treasure hunt. The event was based on the e-quiz pattern and was funded together by the IEEE Bangalore Section and IEEE Region 10 Electronics Communications & Information Management (ECIM) Team. The event had 269 participants from various sections of India, Pakistan, Japan, and other Region 10 countries.

The IEEE Croatia Section (R8) promotes IEEE membership at meetings, workshops, and conferences; at universities; in companies/industry; and by using personal contacts. The Section is encouraging members to renew on time (resulting in very good retention percentages); attracting members by organizing technical and social activities; welcoming new members; organizing successful “Join IEEE” activities at the local university; producing promotional items and giveaways locally; and encouraging members to upgrade their membership.

The IEEE Panama Section (R9) organized 21 different technical activities during 2013, distributed within all of the Section’s Chapters. The Section made a large effort to read all the surveys submitted after each activity to make sure they were delivering to members on topics of their interest. With this in mind, the Section was also able to achieve the goal of having 25% of activity participants be IEEE members.

The IEEE Egypt Section (R8) participates in many community service projects, including Egyptian Engineering Day, the "Made in Egypt" competition which address community services projects that link industry to academia, and the "Future City" program which engages teachers, school students, and school principals with small and introductory engineering projects. Additionally, the youth development program organized by the local university Student Branch aims to help Egyptian youth choose the right career, begin setting their goals in life, gain new ethics and values, and achieve balance in their lives.

The IEEE Kerala Section (R10) organizes major events annually for the benefit of Student Members, including a meeting of all Student Branch officers for training on Student Branch operations and Section guidelines; a Women in Engineering (WIE) Forum for women Student Members with specialized workshops, and a technical competition and project exhibition competition. The Student Branch Counselors Congress for industry interaction was held in three different geographic locations of the state to gain wider participation and the All Kerala Student Congress meeting for all Student Branch members had specialized training in five different tracks, including communications, robotics, computing, Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), and electrical engineering. Along with these events, 250+ Student Branch activities and workshops on major educational tools were reported in individual Student Branches for the benefit of IEEE Student Members.

The IEEE Morelos Section (R9) conducts two technical events annually. The International Conference on Innovation and Technology Development (CIINDET) is a format where national and international companies have a leading space to present and discuss recent advances in their fields of expertise. This data format includes roundtables, forums and meetings, panels, and the presentation of technical papers. Industry professionals, experts, business leaders, researchers, and academics from different areas of engineering can all interact and exchange experiences on progress, challenges, and opportunities within the industry. The Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference (PCIC Mexico), co-organized with respected institutions in Mexico, brings together engineers, consultants, and practitioners from all over the world, interested in the advances of electrical applications and technology related to the petroleum and chemical industry.


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