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MGA Achievement Awards recognize individuals or a team involved with Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) and/or the Regional network for singular achievement in the development and completion of a project(s) or activity(ies) directed to the fulfillment of one or more of the goals and objectives of MGA.



IEEE Region 8 Action For Industry (AFI) Committee
For planning and implementing the Action for Industry Initiative, which has successfully increased member engagement and strengthened the relationship with industry in Region 8.

Nasim Farahini (R8), Sweden Section
For outstanding contributions in promoting student activities, and for establishing and reinforcing the network of women engineers in the IEEE Sweden Section.

Shaikh A. Fattah (R10), Bangladesh Section
For dynamic leadership in achieving rapid transformation of the IEEE Bangladesh Section into a vibrant large section by ensuring maximum member engagement through innovative activities.

Guadalupe G. Gonzalez (R9), Panama Section
For outstanding contributions to IEEE Power and Energy Society and IEEE Women in Engineering activities in Panama and Latin America.

B. Satyanarayana (R10), Bombay Section
For elevating and enhancing IEEE member engagement through innovative technical activities, notably SKEP (Skill and Knowledge Enhancement Program) and IBSS (IEEE Bombay Section Symposium).


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E-Scientia Project Team (R10), Kerala Section
For engaging members and promoting science, technology, and IEEE among pre-university students through a hands-on science center exhibit intended to engage students with engineering and technology and raise awareness about careers in these disciplines.

AKM Abdul Malek Azad (R10), Bangladesh Section
For initiating and leading the successful IEEE volunteer-led project in Bangladesh to help solve the local electricity crisis by bringing hybrid solar rickshaw technology to the local manufacturing industry, as part of BRAC University SIGHT.

Min Chen (R9), Panama Section
For service and achievements in promoting IEEE Women in Engineering through affinity group activities and programs such as the STAR Panama pre-university outreach.

J.Vincent Jain (R10), Madras Section
For co-founding the IEEE Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers SIGHT, leading innovative and noble IEEE member-led engagements using appropriate technology solutions to help the deep sea fishers community in Southern India.


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IEEE Day 2014 Team
For engaging members around the world through participation and communication, initiating, motivating, and coordinating events and efforts to celebrate IEEE Day.

Alfredo Herrera (R7), Ottawa Section
For providing an enriching opportunity for member development and alignment with the IEEE mission and vision to deliver effective humanitarian technology open source products and services.

Howard Leach (R1), North Jersey Section
For distinguished section volunteer leadership and outstanding contributions as Section Historian and IEEE Milestone Coordinator, serving IEEE for the benefit of the members and the engineering profession.


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Sateesh Babu (R10), Kerala Section
For continuous efforts in member engagement and development by promoting humanitarian technologies and fostering collaboration between the IEEE Computer Society and the Computer Society of India.

Christopher James (R8), United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland Section
For extraordinary contributions in promoting professional and career development for IEEE student and young professional members, both nationally and internationally.

Maike Luiken (R7), London Section
For outstanding and dedicated service to IEEE, employing innovative and effective ideas to increase member engagement across academia, industry, and government.

Monica Mallini (R2), Northern Virginia Section
For increasing member engagement and fostering collaboration between IEEE Sections, serving as Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Scanner newsletter in Region 2.

Eiichi Ohno (R10), Tokyo Section
For promoting IEEE Milestones and for the success of the IEEE Technical Tour of Japan, through collaboration with geographic units, industry, and academia.

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan (R10), Madras Section
For sustained excellence and pioneering contributions to IEEE global activities, particularly in developing and maintaining technology based IEEE humanitarian programs that facilitate multi-region collaborations and enrich the global member experience.


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Filomena Citarella (R1), New Jersey Coast Section
For dedication to IEEE activities and programs at the Chapter, Society, Section, and Region levels, and increasing the collaboration and cooperation between geographic units.

Debabrata Das
(R10), Bangalore Section
For excellent and relentless pursuit of IEEE goals by enhancing relationships with industry, organizing conferences, and promoting student activities within the Section, Council, and Region.

Alba Gabriela Garay Romero (R9), Honduras Section
For organizing an Industry Applications Society track for CONCAPAN 2012 and encouraging innovation in the IEEE Honduras Section and throughout Central America.

Paul Goodson
(R3), Eastern North Carolina Section
For outstanding leadership and sustained contributions in promoting and expanding volunteer engagement and enhancing membership value for IEEE members at the Section, Council, and Region levels.

Dave Kemp
(R7), Winnipeg Section
For exemplary leadership and contributions to the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence, providing a lasting impact and basis for further development.

Sreeraman Rajan
(R7), Ottawa Section
For encouraging members to connect, communicate, and collaborate at all levels of IEEE and fostering cooperation within Region 7.


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Raed Abdullah (R7), Ottawa Section
For his drive and dedication to lead by example and promote MGA Goals, while encouraging members to remain engaged at all levels of IEEE.

P.Suresh Chander Pal (R10), Madras Section
For sustained excellence and inspirational guidance in promoting IEEE among students and mentoring young professionals to address humanitarian needs through technology.

Holly M. Cyrus (R2), Southern New Jersey Section
For outstanding leadership and continued inspiration towards the establishment of Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Groups within IEEE, and creating a robust, engaged member environment by integrating WIE within the Southern New Jersey Section.

Ramakrishna Kappagantu
(R10), Bangalore Section
For engaging and developing members in the Bangalore Section and India by leading programs and events to promote IEEE young professionals and technical activities, including the IEEE All India Young Engineers' Humanitarian Challenge.

Luis Ivan Ruiz Flores (R9), Morelos Section
For outstanding contributions at the Student Branch, Chapter, and Region levels by promoting the benefits of IEEE and creating opportunities for engineering professionals.

T.K. Srinivas (R1), New Jersey Coast Section
For dedicated leadership and outstanding contributions at the Section, Area, and Region levels, organizing events to engage local industry professionals.


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Jim Blaha (R4), Milwaukee Section
For his vision, leadership, and commitment in assisting the professional development of IEEE members by organizing the Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) seminars in Milwaukee from 2001 to 2010.
Jose David Cely Callejas (R9), Colombia Section
For engaging and developing members by organizing conferences within the IEEE Colombia Section.
Chan-Jin Chung (R4), Southeastern Michigan Section
For inspiring thousands of young students into the science and engineering career path through his Robofest and hands-on robotics workshops.
John Conrad (R1), Boston Section
For outstanding contributions and leadership toward increasing public awareness of IEEE throughout the Boston metropolitan area during National Engineers Week.
Ellen Ferraro (R1), Boston Section
For her efforts in enhancing collaboration within IEEE organizational units and encouraging membership recruitment through organizing technical events within the IEEE Boston Section.
Deepak Mathur (R10), Gujarat Section

For his efforts in member development by engaging Region 10 members through enhanced Chapter activities.


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Amir G. Aghdam (R7), Montreal Section
For continuous efforts in engaging IEEE members in technical and non-technical events and promoting cooperation and collaboration between IEEE Sections in Eastern Canada.

Doris Sáez Hueichapan (R9), Chile Section
For increasing member engagement by implementing and developing an IEEE National Distinguished Lecturer Program in Chile.

Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan (R10), Madras Section
For outstanding leadership and contributions toward the development and implementation of IEEE humanitarian projects with government and non-governmental organizations, which engage IEEE members and geographic units in India.

Soon Wan (R1), Boston Section
For sustained leadership in developing successful GOLD programs in support of the MGA vision and mission.

Zia Ahmed (R10), South Australia Section
For enhancing the exchange of information between members and geographic units by increasing opportunities for collaboration through the Region 10 Newsletter.

2009 IEEEXtreme Team
For outstanding accomplishment and contributions toward the implementation of the 2009 IEEEXtreme Programming Contest.


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Rami Abielmona (R7), Ottawa Section
For exemplary contributions and energetic leadership towards increasing the participation in the IEEE Ottawa Section Robotics Competition, and actively engaging the local students.

Julian Bussgang (R1), Boston Section
For his dedication to advancing the goals of IEEE through activities that support IEEE Life Members.

Jorge Him-Cassanova (R9), Panama Section
For his significant contributions in the development of the membership and activities of the IEEE Council of Central America and the Panama Section.

Ramalatha Marimuthu (R10), Madras Section
For her dedicated mentoring of IEEE students and encouraging them to focus their efforts towards contributions to benefit humanity.

Ahmed Osama Mikkawi (R8), Egypt Section
For his outstanding efforts in the GOLD and Women in Engineering  programs for fostering inspiration among IEEE members.

Ravi Todi (R1), Mid-Hudson Section
For his outstanding leadership and sustaining contributions to IEEE “across local and technical activities.


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Merrill Buckley (R2), Philadelphia Section
For his dedicated efforts in documenting the history of major technical achievements in the Delaware Valley region in honor of the Philadelphia Section's 100th anniversary in 2003.

Darrel Chong (R10), Singapore Section
For extraordinary leadership and sustaining contributions to IEEE GOLD activities especially GOLD Online Seminars.

Dr. Branislav Djokic (R7), Ottawa Section
For his leadership in maintaining, enhancing and supporting the IEEE Ottawa Section.

Professor Isao Shirakawa (R10), Kansai Section
For sustained and significant contributions and leadership in Student Activities and Industry-Academia Cooperation to the IEEE Kansai Section and Region 10.

Dr. Byung K. Yi (R6), San Diego Section
For his dedication to rejuvenate the IEEE San Diego Section Vehicular Technology Society Chapter.


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Rolf Remshardt (R8), Germany Section
For outstanding strategic contributions towards establishing and nurturing the young professional community within Region 8 and throughout IEEE.

Gerald Anleitner (R8), Germany Section
For exemplary leadership skills in IEEE GOLD activities and the creation of the GOLD-Society Pilot Program.

Vijay Sood (R7), Montreal Section
For outstanding leadership and contributions in the development and production of IEEE Canadian Review/La Revue Canadienne de l'IEEE.

Hisham El-Masry (R7), Kingston Section
For exemplary leadership in promoting IEEE membership and activities in the Kingston Section.

Marko Delimar (R8), Croatia Section
For significant contributions and energetic leadership to encourage IEEE Student activities and participation.


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Barry Shoop (R1), Mid Hudson Section
For a high level of commitment and outstanding contributions to both the IEEE Mid-Hudson Section and Region 1 by developing effective volunteers, improving communications and leading by example in advancing the organization in membership development and education activities.

Carlos Rueda Artunduaga (R9), Colombia Section
For outstanding leadership, contributions and valued service to the IEEE through coordinating Student and Young Professional Activities.

Ali Asraf Chowdhury (R4), Iowa-Illinois Section
For outstanding service to the IEEE Iowa-Illinois Section.

Sandra "Candy" Robinson (R5), Dallas Section
For achievement in developing a working dialog between women through WIE activities.

Nathalie Gosset (R6), Buenaventura Section
For exemplary leadership, initiative and service in fostering organizational, educational, professional, technical and membership growth within the IEEE – EMBS Buenaventura Section.

Murty S. Polavarapu (R2), Northern Virginia Section
For outstanding contribution in promoting IEEE to College and Pre-College Students within the IEEE Northern Virginia Section.


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Amarjeet Basra (R2), Northern Virginia Section
For outstanding contributions in promoting IEEE to college and pre-college students within the IEEE Northern Virginia Section.

Susan Hamill (R6), Oregon Section 
For exemplary service to the IEEE by improving the communication, educational and technical activities within the Oregon Section.

Subrata Mukhopadhyay (R10), Delhi Section 
For exemplary contributions in facilitating the electronic communications within the IEEE Delhi Section, India Council and PES Chapters within Region 10.

Daniel Slomovitz (R9), Uruguay Section
For the successful development of the Multi Media of Electrical Measurements CD-ROM for IEEE Student and young professional members in Latin America.

Howard Michel (R1), Providence Section
For extraordinary leadership contributions to the Providence Section and Region 1 by inspiring volunteers to significantly improve performance and achieve accomplishments through motivation, goal setting and leadership by example.

Steve Watkins (R5), Saint Louis Section
For the creation of student ethics contest which inspired the development of an IEEE Student Ethics Competition.


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Nabil K. Al-Dabal (R8) 
In recognition of his outstanding efforts in successfully organizing the inaugural IEEE-Gulf Cooperation Council Electrical and Electronics Conference.

Jorge M. Hedderwick (R9) 
For significant contributions in the promotion and development of technical activities within IEEE Latin America.

Jorge J. Him (R9) 
For his exemplary service in organizing CONCAPAN XXII and for improving IEEE relations with government and industry within Panama.

Javier Ruiz-del-Solar (R9)  
For creating the IEEE Latin American Student Robotics Competition which stimulated new technical activities for IEEE Students.


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Jan Aminoff & John Margosian (R2)
For significant long-term efforts at promoting the IEEE to participants at High Technology Job Fairs in the Washington Metropolitan D.C. area.

R. Barnet Adler (R2)
For sustained and enthusiastic leadership and development of student activities within the IEEE Philadelphia Section and Region 2.

John Dentler (R2)
For outstanding achievement in the development of a financial tool for the IEEE Baltimore Section, which facilitates the completion of timely and accurate financial reports.

Harvey S. Newman & Roger Kaul (R2)
For creative achievements in revitalizing and organizing activities that integrate MTT, AP, ED Technical Chapters and a WIE Affinity Group.

Issac Adeyemi Adekanye (R8)
For outstanding efforts in facilitating the rejuvenation of the IEEE Nigeria Section and the promotion of IEEE Senior Membership.

Ricardo A. Veiga (R9)
For increasing IEEE activities and member interaction throughout the IEEE Argentina Section.


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Vijay Kumar Sood (R7)
For sustained outstanding contributions and service to Region 7 (IEEE Canada) by publishing and promoting the IEEE Canadian Review as a national journal for Region 7 members.

Henrich Lantsberg (R8)
In recognition of dedicated and longstanding service to the work of IEEE Region 8 and the Russia Section

Yakup Bayram & Ali Aydogan (R2,R8)
For their outstanding achievement in promoting and fostering growth of IEEE membership among students in Turkey.

Duncan C. Baker (R8)
In recognition of outstanding effort and success in editing and producing of the Region 8 News.

Carole C. Carey (R2)
For outstanding contributions in advancing the IEEE membership within the IEEE Baltimore Section.

Jaafar M. Al-Ibrahim (R8)
For outstanding efforts in facilitating the formation of several new sections and the rejuvenation of inactive sections in Region 8.


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Ronald Jensen(R4)
For recognition of outstanding achievement in enhancing the Professional Leadership Development training of the IEEE Region 4 members.

Jack G. Pfrimmer and J. Carroll Hastings (R3)
For exemplary service to the IEEE Alabama Section in rewriting the Section Guide and Bylaws.

William B. Harrison (R3)
For initiation and implementation of the Region 3 Corporate Relations Project which significantly benefits IEEE Regions and Sections.

Satish Aggarwal (R2)
For distinguished service to the IEEE Washington Section and the National Capital Area Council (NCAC).


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Carlos E. Nafarrate & Raul Sabio (R9)
For their excellent and notable works in translating and editing the IEEE Entrepreneurial Skills Seminar booklet into the Spanish language.

Francisco Martinez (R9)
In recognition of outstanding effort and success in the edition and production of the Regional newsletter "NoticIEEEro" during 1998 and 1999.

S. Parthsarthy (R10)
For outstanding achievement by providing an excellent website for the IEEE India Council and other Indian Sections,for sharing views on technical, educational and professional areas of interest to IEEE, thereby promoting IEEE Membership.

Ferial El-Hawary (R7)
For sustained achievement in promoting IEEE interest in the oceanic engineering community in Atlantic Canada.

Kip Haggerty (R6)
For leadership in re-establishing the IEEE Los Angeles Council in 1998.

Robert W. Creighton (R7)
For sustained leadership in promoting membership awareness and communications within the IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section.


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Zbigniew Ciok (R8)
For outstanding service as Section Chairman which accelerated the development of the IEEE in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Zbigniew H. Czyz (R8)
For exemplary service to the IEEE Poland Section.

K. Wendy Tang (R1)
For her strong leadership role in, and her outstanding service and support for, engineering student activities and projects that assist women pursuing careers in engineering and science.


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Paul Freedman (R7)
For contributions in the promotion of Canadian Products and Enterprises in the quarterly journal IEEE Canadian Review.

Michael N. Van Chau (R5)
For outstanding contribution towards membership retention through the development of the GOLD program concept.

Abdul Aziz (R10)
For his dedicated and whole-hearted contribution to the profession of Electrical Engineering.

Maurice Huneault (R7)
For contributions in the promotion of educational and professional activities.

Juan F. Mendoza Ramirez (R9)
For his significant contribution to the development of electronic communications in Region 9 Latin America.


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