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MGA Larry K. Wilson Transnational Awards recognize the accomplishment judged to be the most significant and effective in fulfilling one or more of the transnational goals and objectives of Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) as related to transnational activities. This award is made in memory of Dr. Larry K. Wilson.



Sampathkumar Veeraraghavan (R1), Boston Section
For inspiring leadership and pioneering contributions to IEEE global activities that motivate, connect, and engage members around the world.


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Amarnath Raja (R10), Kerala Section
For significant contributions to global IEEE humanitarian activities and member engagement, conceptualizing and creating the IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT) program and helping spread it as a channel for engineers working together to bring the benefits of technology to the entire world.


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Nita K. Patel (R1), New Hampshire Section
For distinguished contributions to IEEE global activities through the creation, development, and implementation of the inaugural IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference, a comprehensive, multi-year strategic business plan, and for expanding the global reach of the IEEE Women in Engineering mission to inspire, engage, and advance women in technology.


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Mini Thomas (R10), Delhi Section
For outstanding innovation and leadership in IEEE member and student member development and engagement, global dissemination of the IEEE message, and collaboration across organizational units.


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No award presented.


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Roland J. Saam (R8), U.K. & Rep. of Ireland Section
For exemplary service and significant contributions over many years, particularly developing and maintaining the distinctive IEEE Region 8 News, which fosters collaboration and engagement across three continents.


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Jose Jardini (R9), South Brazil Section

For distinguished contributions to IEEE global activities through establishing new technical activities and publications - the Transmission & Distribution Latin America conference and the IEEE Latin America Transactions, an electronic periodical published in multiple languages.


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Martin J. Bastiaans (R8), Benelux Section
For significant contributions to the IEEE volunteer experience and member engagement throughout the world.


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Marcelo Mota (R7), Toronto Section
For 20 years of IEEE volunteerism, and significant contributions to the development and promotion of global activities and services to IEEE members.


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Gerhard Hancke (R8), South Africa Section
For inspiring membership development and services as a member of several regional and technical conferences worldwide.


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Rob Reilly (R1), Boston Section
For distinguished contributions to IEEE’s global activities through the establishment and development of IEEE chapters.


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Elya B. Joffe (R8), Israel Section
For outstanding contribution to enhancement of the transnational character of IEEE through promotion of conferences, membership and chapter development on a regional and global basis.


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Hans J. Schmitt (R8), Germany Section
For exemplary contributions in providing fiscal and financial leadership to the geographic units within Africa, Europe, Greenland, Iceland, the Republics of the former USSR, and the Near and Middle East.


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Hugo Maria Fernandez-Verstegen (R9)   
For his significant contributions to making IEEE a truly global Society.


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Rolf Remshardt (R8)
For exemplary contributions in bringing the benefits of IEEE members and colleagues throughout Europe and for effective fiscal and financial leadership within IEEE Region 8.


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Theodore W. Hissey, Jr. (R2)
For his contributions to the IEEE's global technical activities and international cooperation.


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Maurice Papo (R8)
For significant contributions in making the IEEE an effective global organization.


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1999 and Before

Joel B. Snyder
For his long term commitment to expanding IEEE activities available to members outside of the United States and in particular for his efforts to bring the spectrum of career oriented activities to the members of Regions 7 through 10.

Erling Hesla
and Kao Chen (R6)
For creating and implementing an innovative technical and administrative partnership program to promote IEEE globalization.

Michel Lecours
For distinguished contributions to IEEE Canada and the worldwide Engineering Community as Editor of the Canadian Electrical and Computers Engineering Journal.

Vijay K. Bhargava
For promoting the integration of Regional and Technical Activities worldwide, and for setting an example on the process.

Luis T. Gandia
A full professional life dedicated to serving and stimulating others, through his example, to live and support the principles and ideals of the IEEE.

Jim Vasseleu
For more than 20 years of dedicated services, encouraging expansion & development of IEEE in Region 10.

Forrest L. Staffanson
For outstanding contributions to enhancement of the transnational character of IEEE through dedicated and extensive work on the IEEE Admissions and Advancement Committee and on the Recognized Educational Program Subcommittee.

Robert T. H. Alden
For exceptional leadership in the promotion of electronic mail worldwide and promoting IEEE as a leader in the use of communications technology.

Robert C. Winton
For continuing and exemplary efforts in providing a transnational dimension to numerous IEEE activities and for unique contributions to the SC '90 program.

Charles R. Wright
For innovative leadership in the simulation and promotion of Student Professional Awareness Conferences throughout the World.

G.H. Byford
For creative innovation in the editing, production, and management of the Region 8 News, thus improving communication and member service in Region 8.

H. Kalyanasunaram
For effective leadership which resulted in the formation of a significant number of new Student Branches in India.

Jacob Baal-Schem
For Initiation, Guidance and Enhancement of the MELECON Series of Conferences.

Gilles A. Baril
For outstanding leadership in creating and implementing the internationally oriented multi-conference package concept in MONTECH '86 - a Montreal Section initiative.

Carlos Rivera Abrams
For creative accomplishments and exemplary efforts in expanding the Student, Chapter Section and Region activities in Latin America.

Jose Fernando Valdez C
For exceptional leadership and creativity in successfully integrating all of the RAB Objectives into the operations of the IEEE Peru Section.

M. V. Chauhan
For creative leadership in the aggressive and successful pursuit of membership development in Region 10.

Walter E. Proebster
For significant extension of activities in Region 8 and for dedicated effort leading to the formation of the IEEE Kenya Section and AFRICON’83.

Dadomar D. Patel
For dedicated efforts in developing the Kenya Section and for leadership in planning and implementation of the first IEEE conference on the African Continent – AFRICON’83.


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