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Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Section Significant Anniversary Banners recognize a Section for outstanding longevity through continuity in member support and enthusiasm.

To find the date your Section was formed, refer to the IEEE Organization Rosters. Scroll down to the Additional information section and view the PDF of current units under Member and Geographic Activities Related Information.

Eligibility and selection criteria

  • All Sections are eligible
  • No nominations are required
  • The Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Department will automatically generate a list of recipients to be endorsed by the MGA Awards and Recognition Committee and approved by the MGA Board at the November MGA Board Meeting
  • Recipients will be notified in December
  • Significant anniversaries are recognized at 25, 50, 75, and 100 years
  • Recipients receive a podium banner (30" x 42") with dark blue field, containing the IEEE logo, IEEE anniversary date, and "Service to the Profession" applied in gold cloth. The Section name and founding year are silk screened in gold


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Section significant anniversaries: 2016

Section (Region) Formation date Anniversary
Kansas City (R5) 4-Apr-16 100
Phoenix (R6) 22-Mar-41 75
Ozark (R5) 20-Apr-66 50
Canadian Atlantic (R7) 20-Jul-66 50
South Brazil (R9) 1-Nov-66 50
Changwon (R10) 3-Feb-91 25
Daejeon (R10) 17-Jun-91 25
Ukraine (R8) 21-Nov-91 25



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Section significant anniversaries: 2017

Section (Region) Formation date Anniversary
Utah (R6) 9-Mar-17 100
Venezuela (R9) 18-Mar-67 50
Peru (R9) 2-Nov-67 50
Taegu (R10) 11-May-92 25
Uttar Pradesh (R10) 11-May-92 25
Czechoslovakia (R8) 1-Aug-92 25



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Section significant anniversaries: 2018

Section (Region) Formation date Anniversary
Dayton (R2) 19-Jun-43 75
Spain (R8) 16-Apr-68 50
Denmark (R8) 18-Aug-68 50
Lahore (R10) 19-Sep-68 50
Cyprus (R8) 30-Jun-93 25
Minas Gerais (R9) 30-Jun-93 25
Centro Occidente (R9) 20-Nov-93 25
Bangladesh (R10) 20-Nov-93 25



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Section significant anniversaries: 2019

Section (Region) Formation date Anniversary
New York (R1) 10-Dec-19 100
Ottawa (R7) 30-Sep-44 75
Cedar Rapids (R4) 1-Nov-44 75
Northern Australia (R10) 29-Jan-94 25
Arkansas River Valley (R5) 20-Jun-94 25



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