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The IEEE Foundation invites grant applications exclusively from IEEE organizational units for projects that address the pre-defined theme identified by the IEEE Foundation for each year. The theme aligns with the IEEE Foundation's mission to "enable IEEE programs that enhance technology access, literacy, and education." A joint committee of the IEEE Foundation Board of Directors and the IEEE Life Members Committee reviews the grant applications. Funding is provided from the IEEE Foundation Fund or IEEE Life Members Fund (LMF).

Apply for a grant from the IEEE Life Members Fund


LMF grants awarded 2015

Young Minds Know about Imaging, Water, Agriculture (Buenaventura Section): Project aims to educate the secondary and college students of the community about the use of imaging technology to record and analyze the supply, routing, processing, and usage of water in the community.

Power Collection, Dispersion, and Alternatives (IEEE-UT Dallas Student Chapter): Project will build a model of the current power grid. Using an oscilloscope, the model will demonstrate the effects of harmonics on power transmission and what happens to the transmission when loads, like home electronics, are not filtered properly. The accompanying presentation will explain the challenges of dealing with harmonics and how a percentage of generated power is wasted just to transmit it across long distances.

STEM Outreach Using Student-Built Humanoid Robots (IEEE Eastern North Carolina Section): For this project, IEEE members of the Eastern North Carolina Section (ENCS) will partner with The Forge Initiative, a regional 501(c)(3) nonprofit focusing on youth development and leadership through hands-on STE(Art)M education and community engagement.


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