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The IEEE Life Members Committee (LMC) maintains a strategic plan to provide guidance and direction in its deliberations and to act on behalf of Life members. The plan states those objectives toward which the Committee is seeking to move. This plan is to be reviewed annually at the last meeting of the year and revised as appropriate. The Committee shall be appointed by the Chair at the first meeting of the year to review the plan and propose changes if needed.

Approved 13 April 2013
Updated November 2016



The scope and functions of the LMC are broadly stated in its charter. The Strategic Plan contains specific objectives by which the LMC seeks to be in accord with the charter.


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Elements of the Strategic Plan

  1. The LMC via the Regional Coordinators will contact Chairs of all IEEE Sections that have about 100 or more Life Members without a LM Affinity Group within the Section. The Section Chairs will be strongly encouraged to seek formation of LM Affinity Groups. A target is to have six new LM Affinity Groups per year with about 100 or more members each.
  2. The LMC will survey Life Members and LM Affinity Groups with the assistance of LM Regional Coordinators, to determine what activities are of interest to them. The LMC will prepare a list of activities to serve as a basis for future projects of the LMC.
  3. In reviewing requests for funding from the LM Fund and the IEEE Foundation, the LMC shall give preference to proposals that are strongly aligned with the interests of Life Members and/or engagement of Life Members.
  4. The LMC shall continue to publish a Life Member Newsletter, and include summaries of activities suggested by various LM affinity groups.
  5. The LMC shall continue to encourage Life Members to support the Life Members Fund.
  6. The LMC shall continue to consider suggestions for activities of interest for older members, and it may make recommendations to other IEEE organization units for policies and activities appropriate for such members.
  7. The LMC shall encourage relationships and cooperation between LM Affinity Groups, Student Branches and YP Affinity Groups in organizing joint activities.
  8. The LMC shall take into account the latest section vitality data to analyze and seek guidance on future directions for surveying life members.

This strategic plan is a rolling five-year plan. It is expected that it be reviewed every year and revised as appropriate.


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Life Members Fund

The LMC shall approve and authorize disbursements from the Life Members Fund, which is an account of the IEEE Foundation, in accordance with the objectives and procedures of IEEE and the IEEE Foundation. Projects, which receive Life members funds, are to be consistent with the interests of IEEE Life members.


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