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This page contains information about the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board: MGA Board photo, MGA Board member names, meeting dates and agendas, meeting minutes, and resources.


Submitting agenda items

The 2014 MGA Board meeting dates: 

Saturday, 15 February
  Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Los Angeles, CA, USA   

Saturday, 21 June
  Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ, USA    

Saturday, 22 November
  Hyatt Regency New Brunswick, New Brunswick, NJ, USA   

*Revisions to the MGA Operations Manual need to be reviewed by the IEEE Governance Committee and should be submitted in accordance with the IEEE Governance Document agenda submission schedule.

Please use the following templates and e-mail your agenda submissions to the MGA Board Administrator.



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2014 MGA Board members

  • Ralph Ford - Vice President, MGA/MGA Board Chair
  • Barry Shoop - Past Chair
  • Don Bramlett - Treasurer
  • Cecelia Jankowski - Secretary
  • Murty Polavarapu - VC, Geographic Unit Operations
  • S. Gopakumar - VC, Information Management
  • Ron Jensen - VC, Member Development
  • Wai-Choong (Lawrence) Wong - VC, Strategic Management & Analysis
  • Donna Hudson - Member-at-Large
  • Enrique Tejera - Member-at-Large
  • Vince Socci - Region 1 Director
  • Parviz Famouri - Region 2 Director
  • Mary Ellen Randall - Region 3 Director
  • Karen Pedersen - Region 4 Director
  • J. Derald Morgan - Region 5 Director
  • Michael Andrews - Region 6 Director
  • Amir Aghdam - Region 7 Director
  • Martin Bastiaans - Region 8 Director
  • Norberto Lerendegui - Region 9 Director
  • Toshio Fukuda - Region 10 Director


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2014 MGA Board and staff photo

2014 MGA Board

Back Row, Left to Right: J. Moesch, M. Polavarapu, J. Day, M. Bastiaans, J.D. Morgan, D. Hudson, E. Tejera, L. Wong, S. Gopakumar, J. Paserba

Middle Row, Left to Right: R. Jensen, T. Wong, R. Marosy, A. Aghdam, V. Sharoff, T. Fukuda, D. Bramlett, N. Patel, N. Lerendegui, G. Sheedy, M. Andrews

Front Row, Left to Right: M.E. Randall, B. Shoop, C. Jankowski, R. Ford, K. Pedersen, P. Famouri, C. Sinauskas


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