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This page is the updated format for SCOOP, the monthly newsletter sent from IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) to Section, Area, and Council chairs, treasurers, webmasters, and newsletter editors.

Come back often for regular MGA news updates. Also, check out the links on the right side for other IEEE news sources.

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Action required: changes to IEEE tagline and related references

(posted 27 May 2016)

IEEE has revised the tagline terminology used on all IEEE digital communications, promotional materials, websites, and mobile apps. Please review and update all existing applications using the new language shown below, including the footer and any other areas of the materials where it may be used.

Current: A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology.

Change to: A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.


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IEEE in 2030 Challenge seeks the “Next Big Idea”

(posted 27 May 2016)

For the second year, IEEE is holding the IEEE in 2030 Challenge, designed to discover innovative, creative, and potentially disruptive approaches to new products and services targeted to technology professionals in industry. The IEEE New Initiatives Committee is currently accepting proposals for short-term (completed in 12 months or fewer) projects. Submissions for the IEEE in 2030 Challenge are due by 1 July 2016.

Applications may be submitted by one or more IEEE members or organizational units, individually or in cooperation with an IEEE staff group. The proposals will be evaluated on their potential to lead to new IEEE products, services, and communities delivering value to engineers and technology professionals working in industry.


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Updated call for participation: 2016 Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT): deadlines 10 June and 1 August

(updated 6 June 2016)

In April, the 2016 Volunteer Leadership Training Program (VOLT) was announced, and includes two tracks.

Track 1 covers the foundational knowledge of the IEEE organization. These materials were made available to all IEEE volunteers through the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE) website from 29 April through 10 June.

Volunteers who complete all the foundational courses in the CLE by 10 June can apply for consideration for 3-month Track 2 of the VOLT Program, scheduled to start this September.

The VOLT team is looking for volunteers to participate in this year’s program. Track 2 will focus on leadership related topics and provide practical leadership experience volunteers can apply in their professional and personal environments. It is geared towards volunteers who have not been a Section Chair within their units, have at least two years of experience as IEEE volunteers, and meet the specified criteria listed on the application form. In addition to the criteria, each candidate needs an endorsement note (email) signed by either his/her Region Director, Section Chair, Chapter Chair, or IEEE Young Professionals Committee Chair. Other endorsements from IEEE volunteers (e.g., IEEE Committee Chairs) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Application forms must be submitted by 1 August 2016. The final selection will be completed and announced prior to the start of the program in September 2016.

Please share this information with all volunteers who you think may be interested or would benefit from this training experience.

*More examples of graduates who have moved into leadership positions*

  • Augusto J. Herrera - R9 - VOLT Class 2014 - Region 9 Secretary 2016-2017
  • Habib M. Kammoun - R8 - VOLT Class 2013 - Tunisia Section Chair 2015-2016
  • Humphrey Muhindi- R8 - VOLT Class 2014 - Kenya Section Chair 2016-2017
  • Christopher Whitt - R7 - VOLT Class 2014 - Canadian Atlantic Section Chair 2016 

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Welcome new members in your Section and invite them to attend an orientation webinar

(updated 27 May 2016)

IEEE Section Chairs and Section Membership Development Chairs receive a monthly email notification regarding newly joined members in your Section. The current list of new members (those who joined in the past 30 days) is available through SAMIEEE, your volunteer analytics tool. The report provides member contact information: name, mailing address, email address, phone number, type of membership (traditional, e-membership), Societies joined, grade, and reasons for joining IEEE.

Welcome these new members to your Section and encourage them to register for a 60-minute live New Member Orientation webinar. These webinars are typically scheduled on the fourth Thursday of each month, either 9:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. ET (13:00 or 19:00 UTC). In June, there will also be a special webinar on Thursday, 9 June, at 9:00 a.m. ET (13:00 UTC). Each webinar includes an overview of IEEE membership, access instructions for member-only benefits and services, and a question-and-answer session.

Upcoming guest speakers include:

  • Thursday, 9 June, 9:00 a.m. ET (13:00 UTC) - Steve Lien, on "Entry Level Engineer: Create and Manage Your Career"
  • Thursday, 23 June, 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. ET (13:00 and 19:00 UTC) - Kathy Grise on IEEE Future Directions
  • Thursday, 18 July, 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. ET (13:00 and 19:00 UTC) - Holly Schneider Brown on IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT)

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Member Discounts: learn about risk management

(posted 27 May 2016)

IEEE Risk Management for Engineers is an online course developed by IEEE, with the needs of business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, students, and working professionals in mind. The course examines the Risk Management process, including defining and measuring risk, exposure identification and risk analysis, risk responses and risk mitigation, as well as the value of contracts and professional liability insurance. This course is free exclusively to members.


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IEEE Foundation Grants program: what do you propose?

(posted 27 May 2016)

The IEEE Foundation Grants Program is a vital element of the Foundation’s mission to enable IEEE programs that enhance technology access, literacy, and education. Thanks to the generosity of donors to the IEEE Foundation, in 2016 the Foundation will invest approximately US$325,000 in grants funding specifically to innovative and promising IEEE grassroots projects that raise awareness and understanding of technology and its impact on society.

If your IEEE organizational unit (OU) has a project worthy of IEEE Foundation grant funding under the theme: increase the understanding of technology and its critical role in meeting global challenges and improving the human condition, we invite you to apply for a grant.

Application deadline is 15 July 2016, so send your proposal in now. Your project could be among the ones selected to receive funding from the IEEE Foundation Fund or IEEE Life Members Fund. Funding decisions will be announced in December 2016.


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Coming soon: Smart Tech Signature Events

(posted 19 April 2016)

In an effort to increase member engagement and provide value to IEEE members, MGA will host a series of two-day, multi-track events focused on providing career assistance, professional networking, and education on in-demand and emerging technologies for practicing engineers and technical professionals. Upcoming events include:

  • 30 September -1 October | Crystal City, VA, USA
  • 21 October-22 October | Birmingham, England

A call for content and speakers is currently in progress and registration will be available soon. Sponsorship opportunities will also be available at both events.


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IEEE Policy on Elections and Electioneering

(posted 19 April 2016)

Barry L. Shoop, 2016 IEEE President, recently wrote to IEEE volunteers regarding the importance of understanding the organization’s electioneering policy. When endorsing a candidate, the endorsement must be clear that it comes from an individual member so it is not perceived as an endorsement from your organizational unit (OU). IEEE Policy 13.3.C “Elections and Electioneering - Means of Informing Members of IEEE Organizational Units” states equal opportunity for all candidates must be provided to promote their candidacy.

“Members may be informed of the candidates’ views and of issues pertaining to initiatives through Board/Society/Council/Region/Section or Chapter meetings, conferences and publications. Equal opportunity shall be provided to all candidates for the same elective position. The editor, conference chair or other individual responsible for the activity shall determine the information to be presented or published, within the guidelines 13.2 established by the governing body of that organizational unit, provided all candidates are treated equally.”

According to “IEEE Policy 14.1 – Use and Control of IEEE Mailing Lists,” IEEE mailing lists “may not be used for electioneering in connection with any office within the IEEE, or for political purposes, or for commercial promotion, except as explicitly authorized hereunder.” Specifically, this policy means that IEEE resources such as membership rosters, mass distribution lists, and SAMIEEE may not be used for electioneering outreach. For more information, please refer to the full policy 14.1 in Section 14 – IEEE Mailing List and Rosters (PDF, 977 KB).

According to "IEEE Electronic Mail Policy Section 5.7," IEEE email lists "shall not be used for IEEE electioneering unless explicitly established for this purpose by IEEE."

IEEE Social Media best practices should also be followed.


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Member Discounts: New Financial Planning Program

(posted 19 April 2016)

IEEE Member Discounts offers a suite of services to help members in the USA and Puerto Rico plan and meet their financial goals with myFinancialWellness for IEEE Members. Learn about what myFinancial Wellness can do for you by watching a new video and sampling the self-directed planning tools available to eligible members at no cost.

Whether planning for children’s education or retirement, eligible members can benefit from access to no-cost educational resources, financial tools, and credentialed financial advisors who can help them get their financial plans in shape. myFinancialWellness is offered through Vinings Management Corporation.


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IEEE Power & Energy (PES) Scholarship Plus Initiative now accepting applications: deadline 30 June

(posted 19 April 2016)

The IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) is looking for the power and energy engineers of tomorrow. The IEEE PES Scholarship Plus Initiative has a simple goal: to increase the number of well-qualified, entry-level engineers by rewarding top power and energy engineering students in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

PES is offering up to US$7,000 over three years and assistance with career experience opportunities to selected students. Applicant must be a full-time undergraduate student studying electrical engineering and be a citizen (or permanent resident) of the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada. Additionally, the student should be willing to take power engineering courses and have a GPA of at least 3.0. The application deadline is 30 June 2016.


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IEEE Women in Engineering news: leadership summit

(updated 27 May 2016)

IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE) is pleased to announce upcoming events and opportunities:

WIE Leadership Summit

Early registration is now open for the inaugural Global Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) leadership summit in Atlanta, GA, USA, 2-4 November 2016. The summit is hosted in partnership with a number of corporate, economic development, nonprofit, and higher education partners. This is the first of its kind 2-day summit ever held in the region that is dedicated to giving women in STEM access to powerful tools, strategies, and networks to advance their careers and realize their full potential. Four hundred women are expected to participate.


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Get involved in IEEE Future Directions initiatives; WF-IoT call for proposals

(updated 19 April 2016)

IEEE Future Directions is your resource to emerging technologies within IEEE. The team has identified specific technologies as primary focus areas and has established them as formal initiatives to engage IEEE and technologists globally. For each initiative, you can find a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities in which to participate. Visit each featured portal for access to upcoming conferences, news articles, technical papers, related standards, professional organizations, and academic programs. To get involved in the initiatives and to stay informed, join the free technical communities available.

Current Future Directions conference activities include:

2016 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT)

  • The call for proposals and papers (PDF, 209 KB) is now open for the 2016 IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), taking place 12-14 December in Reston, VA, USA. The theme of the 2016 IEEE WF-IoT is Smart Innovation for Vibrant Ecosystems. Topics for proposals include IoT enabling Technologies; IoT Application and Services; IoT Societal Impacts; Security and Privacy for the Internet of Things; and IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios. Special sessions and workshops proposals are due 30 April. Paper proposals and manuscripts are due 15 June. Tutorial and Industry Panel proposals are due 25 July.

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New compliance training required for select IEEE volunteer leaders

(posted 21 March 2016)

IEEE adheres to the highest standards of integrity and conducts business around the world in a responsible and ethical way. It is important that those who act on the organization’s behalf -- both our volunteers and employees -- ensure IEEE’s compliance by adhering to the same standards and expectations. 

IEEE has created a robust ethics and compliance program tailored to its unique operation in 190 countries. Given that the world is both complex and changing, this program is designed to ensure that volunteers and employees understand and meet legal requirements around the world. 

As part of this program, IEEE requires that select volunteers complete a set of new compliance education and training classes within 60 days of assignment.

Volunteers who are required to complete the training will receive an email from "" with the subject line, "Access Your Required IEEE Compliance Training." (See list of volunteers who are affected)

The self-paced, online classes will take on average 0.5 to 4.0 hours in total to complete, depending on your individual volunteer role. The content will cover conflict of interest, anti-trust, anti-bribery, harassment, and other related topics.  You will need to complete only those classes assigned to you based on your volunteer leadership position.   

To take this training, log in to myIEEE using your IEEE Account, click on the Volunteer tab, go to the "Volunteer Training" gadget, and click on the link to "Compliance Training.”

By taking this training, you help IEEE meet best practices for compliance. As you may be aware, IEEE takes very seriously any violations of policies and standards that could damage IEEE’s business or reputation and result in legal penalties.  


Call for nominations: IEEE Medals and Recognitions

(updated 17 March 2016)

Nominations are due 1 July 2016 for the 2017 IEEE Medals and Recognitions.

IEEE Medals are the highest recognition within the IEEE awards hierarchy, with the prestigious IEEE Medal of Honor as the premier award. IEEE Medals embrace broad and significant contributions within the technical fields of interest of IEEE.

IEEE Recognitions reward members' individual contributions to IEEE, published papers, and corporate advancements within the IEEE fields of interest. 

All IEEE members are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields.

The IEEE Awards Board seeks new volunteers to serve on its award selection committees and Awards Board standing committees to assist with managing the recipient nomination and selection process for IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, and Recognitions, the highest awards IEEE presents on behalf of the IEEE Board of Directors.

Visit the IEEE Awards Board Nominations and Appointments web page to apply to serve on an award selection committee or as a member of one of the following Awards Board’s (AB) committees:

  • AB Awards Review Committee
  • AB Planning and Policy Committee
  • AB Finance Committee
  • AB Presentation and Publicity Committee
  • AB Joint Awards with National Societies Committee
  • Medals Council
  • Technical Field Awards Council
  • Recognitions Council
  • Medal, Technical Field Award, Recognition selection committees



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Member Discounts Program benefits everyone

(updated 1 March 2016)

Here are three facts to tell members about the IEEE Member Discounts Program:

  1. Insurance is available in Canada, US, and 63 other countries.
  2. IEEE Member discount programs offer daily discounted rates and exclusive specials (see discounts for applicable countries).
  3. When Members utilize the insurance and discounts, IEEE earns royalties that help offset a portion of Member dues.

With this win-win situation, it makes sense to raise awareness of Member Discounts wherever possible. Section officers are asked to display the Member Discounts banner on their Section websites with a direct link to Another way is by distributing the program flyer at Section meetings showing the list of offerings by Region.


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IEEE-USA offers free e-books to members in May, June, and July

(updated 27 May 2016)

As a special benefit to IEEE members for the month of May, IEEE-USA E-Books will offer "Starting Your Start-Up-- Book 5: The Launch," by author Tanya Candia, which presents a detailed roadmap to successfully launching your company and product. From setting realistic goals for the launch, determining the key messages, and preparing the sales team--to briefing the press and analysts, finding the right venue, and enlisting the help of early customers--this book takes you through all the necessary steps to a successful launch. The e-book is available 1 May to 15 June.

In June, IEEE-USA E-Books will offer "Shaping an Engineering Career – Book 2: Dual Career Ladders," by authors Raymond E. Floyd and Richard H. Spencer. The "dual career ladder" represents the choice of career paths many engineers face: technical, management, or both. In this e-book, Floyd and Spencer give a brief summary of their backgrounds, write about their experiences in a “dual career ladder” and what they learned along the way, and offer insight to readers who may be considering a dual ladder career path. The e-book is available 1 June to 15 July. 

In July, IEEE-USA E-Books will offer "A Living Resume – Volume 1: Documenting Your Accomplishments," by author Harry T. Roman. The Living Resume Series is an evolving story that documents your growth as a professional. Volume 1 of The Living Resume discusses how to document your career accomplishments.

To purchase IEEE members-only products and to receive the member discount on eligible products, members must log in with their IEEE Accounts.

IEEE-USA E-Books seeks authors to write an e-book, or a series of e-books, on career guidance and development topics. If you have an idea for an e-book that will educate other IEEE members on a particular topic of expertise, email your e-book proposal to IEEE-USA Publishing Manager, Georgia C. Stelluto, at


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Featured news around IEEE: IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter

(updated 27 May 2016)

Follow the links on the right side of this page to view more news around IEEE.

This month's featured IEEE News source is IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter.

The May edition of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter is live, is a special issue on transmission, and covers recent trends in transmission power systems, transmission planning challenges, evolving business models for microgrid growth, and using non-conventional instrument transformers and process bus to enable a modern substation.


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Request for feedback on MGA News/SCOOP

MGA wants to know what kind of information you want to see on this page. Your feedback is appreciated.


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