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The Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Nominations and Appointments (N&A) Committee is responsible for managing the nominations and appointments process and identifying qualified candidates for elected and appointed positions of the MGA Board—previously the Regional Activities Board (RAB)—and its committees.

The attached material has been gathered to serve as a resource for the MGA N&A Committee.


Historical listing of MGA/RAB volunteers


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MGA organization

  • 2016 MGA Organizational Chart and Orientation (PDF, 724 KB)
  • MGA Operations Manual   
        - Section 2 - MGA Board - description of duties of MGA Vice President, MGA Vice Chair, MGA Treasurer
        - Section 4 - MGA Committee Charters
        - Section 6 - MGA Assembly Guidelines/Procedures
        - Section 7 - MGA Nominations and Appointments Process


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Other IEEE Nominations and Appointments information


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IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (CLE)