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SCOOP is a monthly newsletter created as a means of communication from IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) to Section, Area, and Council Chairs and Treasurers, Section Webmasters, and Newsletter Editors.


Mission of SCOOP

Serve as one of the primary communication vehicles to Geographic Unit leaders from IEEE Member and Geographic Activities (MGA).


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MGA Goals

The distribution of SCOOP supports the following MGA goals:

  • Increase member engagement
  • Increase operational efficiency and effectiveness within MGA and its interfaces
  • Enhance collaboration with other Organizational Units
  • Increase the collaboration and cooperation between Geographic Units
  • Enhance the membership-related information available to the member and the Geographic Units

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A typical issue contains 4-10 articles.  Information included focuses on the following items:

  • Informing Geographic Unit leaders of activities and initiatives that should be promoted locally to the members or the public
    • IEEE 125th Anniversary efforts
  • Ensuring that Geographic Unit leaders are aware of appropriate MGA required deadlines
    • Officer reporting, 1099 requirements
  • Informing Geographic Unit leaders of appropriate IEEE policies and resources available to them
    • MGA recognition products, IEEE merchandise
    • Information on IEEE conference requirements
  • Providing practical information/suggestions about running IEEE units
    • How to run a meeting, recruit volunteers, use the vTools Program
  • Soliciting nominations; Calling for Awards and Nomination and Appointment nominations
    • MGA, EAB Awards, IEEE Fellow Nominations

This newsletter shall NOT be used to promote specific IEEE conferences or programs/activities that are pertinent to only a limited portion of the intended audience (for example, articles of interest to Officers in only one Region).  It is also important to avoid becoming too “US-centric” in subject matter.


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Production Schedule

  • Distributed monthly by the 3rd Friday of each month (flexible)
  • Deadline for submission of articles:  2nd Friday of each month


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Distribution Method and Recipient List

  • Sent via e-mail (E-Notice) to individuals who hold the position of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chair, Newsletter Editor, or Webmaster, within a Region, Section, Council, Subsection, or Area.  Also sent to MGA Board members, MGA Staff, and IEEE Board of Directors
  • Posted to the SCOOP Web page


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Submission Process

All departments are welcome to submit news items relevant to Geographic Unit leaders.  Please limit submissions to 50-200 words.  Multiple submissions are permitted and will run as space permits. Items may be edited for clarity and/or length.  No content changes will be made without the content creator’s approval.  Articles should include the following items (1) title/headline (2) relevant links (3) contact information.

E-mail article submissions to SCOOP.


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