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The growth and nurturing of 400,000+ members is a core value of IEEE. This track focuses on how a member’s relationship with IEEE can be enhanced through local engagement. Leaders will be trained on the benefits of IEEE membership and how to communicate and apply these benefits to the needs of their members. Track participants will also learn best practices for using the IEEE Membership Development tools, staff, and volunteer network. Leveraging these resources will ultimately lead to significantly increased retention, recruitment, and recovery of members at the local Section and Chapter level. 

Session topics, descriptions, speakers, and presentations for the Sections Congress 2011 (SC2011) Empower the Member track are listed on this page. 

Each webinar has been recorded and will be available after SC2011 on the IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence training portal.


An Introduction to IEEE-HKN and How to Establish an IEEE-HKN Chapter

Speakers:  Stephen Goodnick, Evelyn Hirt, Eddie Pettis, and Fern Katronetsky

IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (IEEE-HKN) is  the IEEE honor society.  It is dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in the fields of interest of IEEE.  Membership in IEEE-HKN recognizes a student's academic achievement, as well as his/her potential as a leader, both in school and in their professional careers.  Students/faculty and others outside of the U.S. who are interested in becoming members of this honor society, and who wish to establish an IEEE-HKN Chapter at their school/university, should attend this session. 

This session will help to identify those countries that have an interest in establishing an IEEE-HKN Chapter, and participants will be provided the information needed to start the expansion of an IEEE-HKN Chapter in their area.


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Create a Successful Teacher In-Service Program in Your Section

Speakers:  Saurabh Sinha and Doug Gorham

Section leaders will hear case studies of effective programs focused on pre-university educators. Volunteers will learn how to contribute to the professional development of teachers, thus shaping the education of students, by creating and sustaining a Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) in their Section. 

TISP is a program in which volunteers share their technical expertise to develop and demonstrate the application of engineering concepts to support the teaching and learning of science, mathematics and technology disciplines.  Volunteers will be empowered to promote technical literacy at the pre-university level to prepare future generations of technical professionals.


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Driving Member Satisfaction Across the Member Life Cycle

Speakers:  Roger Pollard, Mini Thomas, and Jamie Moesch

IEEE research and satisfaction surveys clearly show that members have different reasons for  valuing their membership at different life cycle stages. Understanding and communicating the value of membership begins with understanding the motivating drivers, and how we can tailor our message to different categories of members. This session reviews the market research on member satisfaction, and introduces attendees to tools and resources to help Sections better convey and target their communications and programs and measures of success.


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Engaging Students and Student Activities

Speakers:  Darrel Chong and Mini Thomas

IEEE student membership surpassed 100,000 in 2010, an extraordinary testimonial to the vibrancy of our membership. Student members bring energy, excitement, and a passion for getting things done. This session reviews student membership trends and challenges, but more importantly how the enthusiasm surrounding student contests and congresses can be a powerful engagement tools for all members, regardless of their stage in the career cycle.


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How the IEEE Foundation Helps Sections Achieve Goals

Speakers:  Antonio Bastos, Dick Gowen, George McClure, Arthur Winston, Matthew Loeb, and Michael Geselowitz

The IEEE Foundation awards philanthropic support to programs of IEEE. In a dynamic panel discussion, the IEEE Foundation Executive Director, Board President, and other Board members will provide Section Volunteers with an understanding of the IEEE Foundation mission. Participants will learn how the Foundation is set up for the purpose of helping them achieve their goals of supporting their local or regional initiatives.

An explanation of how IEEE Foundation supports IEEE units, Sections, Chapters, and members through its grants process, fund administration, fund raising, and donor stewardship will be presented. Through panel discussion, experiences and examples will be shared of grants awarded and funds established by IEEE Foundation. Presenters will also highlight methods of how to support the IEEE Foundation and its initiatives. Participants are encouraged to ask specific questions related to their Section.


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IEEE eLearning Library (formerly Expert Now): Tools for Promoting Engineering Education Worldwide

Speakers:  Maya Bystrom and Steve Welch

The IEEE Continuing Education Program supports lifelong learning for members. Its IEEE eLearning Library product provides peer-reviewed, multimedia tutorials on technical and professional subjects. Attendees will learn how to present tutorials at Section or Chapter events. Attendees will also learn how their organization can use the IEEE Online Education Portal to host and/or sell online educational content with the full Web 2.0 features of a high-end learning management system.


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Leveraging Graduates of the Last Decade (GOLD) Affinity Groups to Engage Students, Members, and the Public

Speakers:  Soon Wan, Will Sommerville, and Salima Kaissi

Find out why your Section needs a GOLD Affinity Group and how your Section can benefit. GOLD Affinity Groups encourage enthusiastic young professionals to get involved in Section activities, benefiting all member grades and building the future leaders of IEEE. The mission of GOLD is to inspire, energize, empower, and engage young professionals to envision and realize their dreams. Topics presented in this session will include the available resources and best practices to maximize the effectiveness of GOLD Affinity Groups.


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Life Members : How to Engage Members in Your Programs via Affinity Groups

Speaker:  George McClure

How can you increase participation in Section activities and IEEE in general? Learn about the needs of Life Members and how those needs can be met through Section and/or Life Member Affinity Group involvement. Find out how having a Life Member Affinity Group can help improve membership value and member satisfaction within your Section.


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Member Grade Elevation and Recognition

Speakers:  Robert Fontana and Francisco Martinez

Career transitions are a time of anxiety and excitement for IEEE members. This session explores key transition points in a career and how the benefits and opportunities of membership evolve with those needs. Also presented are programs for elevating members to higher grades and examples of successful, grade elevation programs.


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Preserving Section History

Speakers:  Michael Williams and Michael Geselowitz

It is important for Sections to both preserve and honor their history. Historical activities provide institutional memory for improving operations, but also involve members, raise member pride in IEEE, and serve as a potential outreach vehicle to the local community. The History Committee and its staff History Center supply a variety of tools through the Global History Network (GHN) wiki platform to facilitate this work, including IEEE Milestones, topic articles, first-hand histories, archives, and oral history interviews.

This session will survey the GHN, then focus on why and how to conduct individual interviews as a tool for Sections to preserve both their institutional history and the technological history of the local area and its institutions, such as universities or corporations.


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Revving Your Section's Engine: Turning Off Autopilot!

Speakers:  Jill Gostin and Bill Marshall

Sections can tend to get in a rut – the same people, doing the same jobs, in the same way. By taking your Section out of the autopilot rut, the Section can become re-energized, and re-focused on service to members. This session will help you create a plan to get your existing and new volunteers excited and involved in their positions, but the end-result will be a Section that better meets the needs of their members.


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