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This page contains names and contact information for the Sections Congress 2011 (SC2011) Committee members and Regional Sections Congress (SC) Coordinators.


Sections Congress 2011 Committee

The Sections Congress 2011 (SC2011) Committee members are:

  • Tom Coughlin, Chair
  • Roger Hoyt, Local Organizing Committee Chair
  • Loretta Arellano, Program Committee Chair
  • Paul Kostek, Fund Raising Committee Chair
  • Paul Fortier, Past Chair
  • Howard Michel, 2011 Vice President, Member and Geographic Activities
  • Babak Beheshti, 2011 MGA Vice Chair-Geographic Unit Operations
  • Ed Perkins, 2011-12 Region 6 Director
  • Michael Andrews, 2013-14 Region 6 Director
  • Cecelia Jankowski, MGA Secretary
  • Dan Toland, MGA Staff
  • Cheryl Sinauskas, MGA Staff

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Regional Sections Congress 2011 Coordinators

The Regional SC Coordinators for Sections Congress 2011 (SC2011) are:


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