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Learning Labs will be scheduled to provide Sections Congress 2011 (SC2011) attendees the opportunity to gain additional information on various topics presented during SC2011. There will be demonstrations on a new financial product, NetSuite, and tutorials on existing products as described on this page.  

The Learning Labs will take place Sunday, 21 August, 3:15-4:30 p.m. PDT, in the following Yerba Buena Salons:

  • Salon 1: vTools
  • Salon 2: SAMIEEE 
  • Salon 3: myIEEE Customized and Volunteer Desktops
  • Salon 4: IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence 
  • Salon 5-6: NetSuite – a new financial product
  • Salon 10-11: MGA Conference Sponsorship Process
  • Salon 12: WordPress Tutorials
  • Salon 13: IEEE Support Center



IEEE is partnering with NetSuite in an effort to implement an on-line financial reporting software which will allow our organization to further automate and streamline the L50 reporting process. Individuals who attend this session will see a demonstration of the new online geographic unit financial reporting process.


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MGA conference sponsorship process

IEEE has implemented new policies for sponsorship of conferences.  These policies state that Sections and Regions must approve sponsorship of conferences when partnering with a non-IEEE entity.  This applies to technically co-sponsored, as well as financially sponsored conferences.  This learning lab will explain the new MGA process.  Attendees will learn:

  • when approval from the Section is required;
  • process for obtaining approval from the Section;
  • responsibilities of the co-sponsoring IEEE entity and the Section;
  • implementation plan for the new process;
  • where and when volunteers can get training.

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vTools products have been developed to simplify administration by offering Web based software, reduce time spent managing activities, and assist in member development. Products available include:

Individuals who come to this lab will have an opportunity to ask specific questions on vTools products.


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SAMIEEE is a Web enabled tool that allows ad-hoc querying, reporting, and downloading of IEEE membership data. Section leaders can use this data to better engage their members. Individuals who have questions on SAMIEEE are welcome to attend this session.


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myIEEE customized and volunteer desktops

Individuals who attend this session can learn how IEEE members can organize their favorite myIEEE content exactly how they want it with the introduction of myDesktop, a customizable page of myIEEE modules.  Additionally, the functionality of the Volunteer Desktop will be highlighted in this session.


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IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence

The IEEE Center for Leadership Excellence (IEEE CLE) meets the needs of IEEE members and volunteers.  When fully operational, it will serve as the repository for all leadership training material within IEEE to ensure IEEE keeps pace with its evolving organization.  If you have questions or comments on the IEEE CLE, come to this session to see a demonstration of the Web site.


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WordPress Tutorials

WordPress is an easy to use content management system that can be used for blogs.   Attendees will learn how to:

  • add pages and posts;
  • upload images and documents;
  • create a custom menus;
  • add users and assign roles;
  • add widgets, including how to consume vTools.Meetings RSS feed;
  • control comment spam.

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IEEE Support Center

Individuals who attend this session will meet with representatives from the IEEE Support Center, learn about the Knowledge Base being created, and be able to view a demonstration of the IEEE Business Platform.


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