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IEEE Sections Congress is a triennial gathering of Section leadership, sponsored by the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Board, formerly known as the Regional Activities Board (RAB).

Many thanks to all the individuals who attended and made these events a great success.



Theme: "Empowering Members to Create the Future"

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA


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Theme: "Celebrating Volunteer Achievements Worldwide"

Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada


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Theme: "Promoting a World Class Volunteer Community"

Location: Tampa, FL, USA


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Theme: "Creating a Global Community"

Location: Washington, DC, USA


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Theme: "Designing the Next Century"

Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA

Attendance: 582 delegates, 82 Partners, and 250 Primary Delegates attended. There were representatives from 263 IEEE Sections and 73 countries. 


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