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Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT)

In recent years, IEEE has placed great emphasis on Humanitarian Technology Activities, instituting the Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) in 2016. As part of a strategic effort toward member engagement, HAHC has instituted a program called Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology (SIGHT).



Objectives of SIGHT

To promote the mission of IEEE regarding humanitarian technology activities, particularly:

  • To bring together members/IEEE OUs working in or wishing to work in humanitarian fields and to encourage and promote them in activities that use humanitarian technologies by giving them an opportunity for participation
  • Increasing awareness of IEEE members and engineers of the potential of their work to improve the standard of living of underserved populations, and encouraging them to increase efforts in this direction
  • To engage with NGOs, Civil Society Organizations, UN Organizations, Corporates, and other similar bodies to synergize efforts in delivering useful and sustainable technologies in their operations
  • To work with other bodies in the global engineering community who have similar goals and help each other in delivering to the ideals and participate in joint activities like Engineering for Change (E4C)

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Prerequisites to form a SIGHT

Six or more IEEE members in good standing and passionate in humanitarian technology activities centered on one or more above interest areas. Members must be affiliated to Section or Student branch. For Sections, at least three of those signatories must be representatives from two different chapters.

The prospective SIGHT will need to have an affiliation to a Society, Technical Council, Section, Geographical Council, Region, or Student Branch. The prospective SIGHT will need to submit an application requesting formation of a SIGHT.


If you are interested in forming a SIGHT group, you may apply by completing the 2016 petition (DOC, 873 KB) and submitting the application materials to the SIGHT Steering Committee for review via:

Email: (email preferred method)
Fax: +1 732 463 3657
Mail: SIGHT Steering Committee
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ 08854-4141


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Seed grants

To help set IEEE SIGHT Group activities in motion, the Humanitarian Ad Hoc Committee has decided to award initial seed grants of US$250 to each of the first 50 SIGHT Groups formed.

If you are interested in forming a SIGHT Group, complete the petition as soon as possible to qualify for US$250 that will aid in kicking off your SIGHT Group's ideas and activities.


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SIGHT Steering Committee

  • Kartik Kulkarni (Chair)
  • Mario Aleman (Volunteer Management & Engagement Subcommittee Chair)
  • Suyash Chopra (Communications Subcommittee Chair)
  • Jineet Doshi and Anand B (Events Subcommittee Co-Chairs)
  • Rajnish Gupta (Assessment Subcommittee Chair)
  • Timothy Lee (Communities of Practice Subcommittee Chair)
  • Nirupama Prakesh Kumar (Marketing & Branding Subcommittee Chair)
  • Raj Madhavan (Partnerships Subcommittee Chair)
  • Deepak Mathur (Operations Subcommittee Chair)
  • Ajay Poddar (Awards & Recognition Subcommittee Chair)
  • Pritpal Singh (Education Subcommittee Chair)
  • Sampath Veeraraghavan (Projects Subcommittee Chair)
  • Holly Schneider Brown (Staff Lead)
  • Jackie Halliday (Program Specialist)  
  • Betsy Toland (SIGHT Administrator)


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Current active SIGHTs

  1. SIGHT for Low Cost Remote Virtual Educational Platform (India)
  2. IEEE Bangalore Section R-10, India (TOCE)
  3. IEEE Sahaaya (India)
  4. SIGHT Region 9 (Colombia)
  5. Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) SIGHT
  6. DISHA (India)
  7. SIGHT Colombia
  8. NITK SIGHT, Assistive Technology for Orthopedic Applications (India)
  9. SIGHT Bolivia
  10. IEEE Madras Section SIGHT (India)
  11. SIGHT Chile
  12. SIGHT Canada R7
  13. MY-SIGHT4REHAB (Malaysia)
  14. Bombay SIGHT Pratham (India)
  15. Kerala Section SIGHT
  16. SIGHT Troubled Humanity (Malaysia)
  17. SIGHT Reva-Jeeva (India)
  18. Universidad Diego Portales IEEE SIGHT (Chile)
  19. SIGHT e-Health & Telemedicine (Indonesia)
  20. SIGHT FLASH (Bangladesh)
  21. IEEE Karachi SIGHT (Pakistan)
  22. Humanitarian Technologies – HuT (India)
  23. Singapore SIGHT
  24. Education Through Communication SIGHT (USA)
  25. Jeppiaar Engineering College SIGHT (India)
  26. SIGHT Argentina (BIOTECH)
  27. SIGHT UC (Chile)
  28. CARG SIGHT (Bangladesh)
  29. SIGHT Guatemala
  30. SIGHT Santa Clara Valley (USA)
  31. IEEE CEC SIGHT (India)
  32. I.E.S. SIGHT (India)
  33. SCT SIGHT (India)
  34. SIGHT TAHA (India)
  35. VJCET SIGHT (India)
  36. SIGHT NZN (New Zealand)
  37. Humanitarian Initiatives Committee, Ottawa (Canada)
  38. SIGHT Treasure Valley (USA)
  39. SIGHT PUC MINAS (Brazil)
  40. BEC IEEE SIGHT (India)
  41. Puebla Section SIGHT (Mexico)
  42. San Diego Section SIGHT (USA)
  43. Mount Zion College (MZCET) SIGHT (India)
  44. KMCT College SIGHT (India)
  45. IEEE Uttar Pradesh Section SIGHT
  46. Delhi Section
  47. BRIDGES - Nicaragua Section
  48. Montreal Section
  49. MSRIT (India)
  50. Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile)
  51. Southern Alberta Section
  52. Toronto Section
  53. Lahore Section
  54. Kenya Section
  55. Philadelphia Section
  56. Seattle SIGHT for Good
  57. Madras Artisanal Deep Sea Fishers (India)
  58. SIGHT Rama IEEE USACH (Chile)
  59. Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala Student Branch
  60. Park College of Engineering and Technology SIGHT (India)
  61. Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S) SIGHT
  62. TKMCE Student Branch SIGHT (India)
  63. PES Seattle Chapter
  64. KIIT IEEE SIGHT (India)
  66. Costa Rica Section
  67. Uganda Subsection
  68. IEEE VPCOE Student Branch (India)
  69. IEEE SIGHT Haiti
  70. Antennas and Propagation Society (APS) SIGHT
  71. IEEE Peru SIGHT
  72. Panama Section SIGHT
  73. IEEE SIGHT Islamabad Section
  74. IST-Africa SIGHT
  75. Delhi Technological University SIGHT
  76. Rama Estudiantil IEEE-UNAH (Honduras)
  77. SIGHT Indian Ocean (AP-S)
  78. IEEE PH Section
  79. Student Branch UNITEC (Honduras)
  80. IEEE Kolkata Section
  81. IEEE Power and Energy Society (PES)
  82. IEEE El Salvador Section SIGHT
  83. Ft. Huachuca Section SIGHT
  84. Puerto Rico and Caribbean Section SIGHT 
  85. IEEE Nepal Subsection
  86. IEEE West Saudi Arabia Section
  87. IEEE Croatia Section
  88. IAS Overhead Powerline Safety Awareness Program
  89. IEEE Uruguay SIGHT
  90. IEEE Hyderbad Section
  91. IEEE Nicaragua Section
  92. IEEE Palm Beach Section
  93. IEEE Nigeria Section
  94. UNA Student Branch, Paraguay



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SIGHT resources

  • Engineering for Change provides a forum to connect, collaborate, solve challenges, and share knowledge among a growing community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, NGOs, local governments, and community advocates, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life all over the world. Engineering for Change offers professional development opportunities, including a webinar series which promotes emerging ideas in engineering for global development and connects you with a passionate community of practitioners who are leading the way to a better quality of life around the world. Every seminar will expand your knowledge and demonstrate how technology-based solutions are addressing real-world issues in underserved communities. Attendance is easy and FREE.
  • IEEE SIGHT Toolkit provides information and resources for current and prospective SIGHT Group participants. Here you can learn how to start a SIGHT Group and how to operate your SIGHT Group.


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